We are in the middle of an energy/photon shower… Do you feel / hear it?

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We are in a Massive SHIFT right NOW with New Solar Energy coming in with New LIGHT CODES. Picture depicting a Full Moon Halo by Sam Salah via Facebook

We are in a Massive SHIFT right NOW with New Solar Energy coming in with New LIGHT CODES.

Much New HIGHER Dimensional Energy is reaching our planet.

It is inviting us to incorporate it into our own Energy Field to allow our Consciousness to rise to a HIGHER Level.

Under the dim LIGHT of the Blue Moon… we visualize our Chakras Awakening One by One.

We see them Shining like bright balls of Rainbow LIGHT. See them Opening and Connecting us to our HIGHER SELVES and to the Realms above.

We look to Nature for Guidance… as it is always showing us how it dies and rebirths itself again and again.

By Routing and Grounding our SELVES in whatever the Present Moment brings… Step by Step we can make our way through.

It is NOW Time to Break Down all the Barriers… Systems… and Programs!

We are Manifesting with HIGHER Consciousness.

We are Radiating a Powerful LIGHT for the HIGHEST Good of ALL.

With Sacred LOVE of ONE

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  1. I don’t like appearing like a curmudgeon, but this article is pure NEW AGE BULLSH..
    I live on a homestead and outside nearly everyday under that “sun” that so many office workers and sedentary yoga wives pontificate about. The sun is not affecting their chakras, it is the 5G, the microwaves, the barrage of electrosmog soup your head lives in causing these weird feelings.
    There is NOTHING about that sun bringing any wisdom, higher self consciousness, spiritual clarity, or photon power to energize whatever. The sun has changed frequency, it is white hot with UVC and UVB off the charts and the w/m2 luminosity has dropped 15%. (I have UV, lux, EMF and radiation meters) It burns you from the inside out.
    Our sun is also glassing off the metallic stratospheric particles chemtrailed up there, making crazy light shows and doing who-knows-what-else.

  2. it’s time for people to stop being racist. race is not real. most will refuse and they will die. god don’t like ugly and he doesn’t play around. the oppression of the original people must stop or else you’re going to stop by dying.

  3. Uhhh! What is this article gibbering about? We are always in the middle of a photon energy shower, take heed now, it´s called “Sunlight!” and it comes in the day.

    • The article is just moar New Age heathen thinking. They are trying to normalize everything that is not belief and faith in our LORD God Creator. Instead of looking to the Holy Spirit of God for wisdom and spiritual fulfillment, they turn to worshiping the creation. Instead of seeking salvation in the finished work and sacrifice of Jesus, they look for salvation in the form of an “upgrade” “ascension” brought on by celestial mumbo jumbo. Idolatry is on the rise and demon worship is being brought to the light for all to see.

      Since the 2012 “cosmic shift” didn’t happen the way they hoped for, they mudjack on the conceptualization of “the sun” bringing those changes instead. And when it doesn’t happen that way, then they’ll look to the moon next.

  4. At least THREE dead and 15 wounded in Austrian rampage: Police hunt for terrorist still on the run after ‘multiple’ gunmen opened fire on revellers during Vienna’s final night before lockdown

    Several people are thought to have been killed in a shooting rampage across six different places in Vienna
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    Interior Minister Karl Nehammer told Austrian broadcaster ORF: ‘It appears to have been a terror attack’
    Please think of USA do not rush to anything stupid?

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