Australian Bat apocalypse: Terrified mum flees her home after finding 5,500 maggot-filled BATS in her garden that mysteriously fell from the sky


This is like a scene out of a horror movie! A terrified mum fled her home in Queensland, Australia, after thousands bats fell from the sky in her garden due to the recent heatwave with temperatures reaching 40°C over several days.

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Dozens of families in and around the city of Cairns, in Australia, have been forced to temporarily abandon their homes after flying foxes started dropping dead on their properties due to the unbearable heat. via Facebook

Philippa Schoor found the dead bats outside her front door, and said the dead creatures were filled with maggots when she found them in her front garden.

A powerful heatwave is to blame for the winged-animals’ deaths, with many locals saying they saw thousands of bats fall from the sky.

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Thank you for delivering the biohazard bins for this unprecedented event that has seen more than 5000 bats falling from the sky due to extreme heat. via Facebook

The disgusting stench from the dead bats has caused disruption in the nearby community, with a Christmas carol service even being cancelled as a result of the smell.

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Surviving bat orphans now in care. via Facebook

Schoor and her two children were moved to temporary accommodation and have been there for the last five nights.

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Thousands of flying-foxes suffered tragic deaths during the event, with wheelbarrows needed for removal. via Facebook

She said: “It was a scene out of a horror movie and there is still putrefied rotting carcasses are everywhere. This is a public health issue.

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Cairns residents started reporting massive numbers of spectacled flying foxes dropping out of trees on Monday, December 2, 2018, when temperatures in Australia’s Queensland region rose to above 40 degrees Celsius. via Facebook

The bats were filled with maggots when she found them in her front garden
I cannot return home until I get a cleaner to scrub my walls, furniture, linen, vehicle upholstery before the smell has permeated everything.”

The recent heatwave has reached temperatures of 40C, consequently killing about 5,500 bats in Ms Schoor’s garden.

Schoor added: “There is still putrefied rotting carcasses everywhere.

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This was the first time threatened spectacled flying-foxes have succumbed in numbers to a heat stress event. via Facebook

One local explained she saw an entire colony of bats “hanging in trees or dead on the ground”.

dead bats fall from sky australia, dead bats fall from sky australia pictures, dead bats fall from sky australia videos, dead bats fall from sky australia december 2018
Some bats have been lucky enough. via Facebook

She added: “In those yellow plastic bins are at least 60 to 80 dead bats. And then in every bag you see there’s another 20 to 25 dead bats from behind my house.

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[The Sun, Oddity Central]


  1. As usual the media breathlessly exaggerating anything climatic. These are not unusual temperatures, or events. It gets hotter than this in a few places and these places going to see a few more degrees of heat by Christmas. I’m from WA’s northwest and we get over 50 C up there some years.

  2. Strange Sounds:
    I noticed there were dozens of incidents of what they believed to be meteors. However, I recognized these videos to be space junk reentering the atmosphere as the planet’s axis shifts & disturbs the orbit of the space junk. It has a distinct characteristic of multiple pieces of space junk as it enters the atmosphere which is different from meteors. Almost looks like a firework. When the space junk reenters the atmosphere each piece causes sonic booms. There were quite a few videos which captured the space junk every month as it enters earths atmosphere. I suspect these are the sounds people hear. Supersonic crafts from earth or beyond earth also cause sonic booms.
    The Earth has been shifting since 2004 & the space junk with it. 15 years of increased space junk entering the atmosphere & creating sonic booms.
    As for the Taos hum that was caused by the underground railway & turntable. Taos was where multiple train tracks converged & also contained a repair station. These old trains have since been replaced by maglev trains in the tunnels which are much quieter. So I assume the Taos hum has since subsided. But there is an underground facility at Dulce, LANL & a couple other places in the area.
    They’ve also been using TBM’s to bore new tunnels which cause subsidences which they blame on fake fraking which isn’t being done. The country is like Swiss cheese with all the boring. All the G20 countries are also doing the same. We’re probably paying for it.
    The TBM’s also cause low level earthquakes below 4.0. You used to be able to track the tunnel locations by following the progression & location of low level quakes before Google earth removed the records & icons. I guess I told too many how to find the tunnels. Especially the tunnels bored for W.

  3. I happened to live in Queensland, Australia and I’m very familiar with bats in out region. At night even late afternoon they are searching for food. They are very persisting to attack just about any fruit on trees and not a damned thing you can do to stop them. In a morning when I get out in a garden I can smell the horrible smell these nocturnal visitors live behind. It is stomach churning disgusting smell.They depositing diarrhea in mid flies and if is not cleaned away right away it eats the paint away on walls,cars, etc. They stink because their urine is getting poured over their bodies as they are hanging themselves upside down when resting and sleeping. Sadly they are protected species and as ugly and noisy and smelly they are and destructive their number is too large in colonies.If anything in life is disgusting, they are. Now to imagine that horrible smell that occurred from all those dead carcasses, surely would be unbearable.

    • I have seen netting which people use to cover their fruit trees or nut trees or any type of tree you wish to prevent insects and various animals from getting the fruit from your trees. It must be fine netting if it prevents insects from getting to the fruit. So it must work on bats as well. These are gigantic nets of multiple sizes which fit over the tree and I believe they are tied at the bottom. Perhaps under nursery or greenhouse supplies. It would protect your trees. The nets are usually added after the flowers die to allow the flowers to be pollinated. Then you add the nets. Preferably before the fruits begin to form.
      I have trouble with gigantic caterpillars and other creatures which have no problem eating the tomatoes as soon as they form while they are still green which is why I recommend netting after the flowers but before the fruit forms.
      Which is why my next purchase will be a greenhouse.
      It makes you wonder what fruit bats eat in the winter… unless you don’t have a winter.

  4. The maggots are from the green bottle flies which land on dead carcasses to lay their eggs which quickly hatch into maggots.

    40 C equals 104 F. It will get a lot hotter before the heatwaves are done. This is how an axis shift of the planet works. Super hot summers and bitter cold winters. The sun will be seen south of Australia instead of the tropic of Capricorn on Dec 21st.

    For the first time our sun in the northern hemisphere moved farther north into July than it was on the June 21st summer solstice. We have never seen the sun continue to move farther north after June 21st in the summer solstice. By mid July we saw the sun within 5 degrees of true north. The sun should have returned toward the south after June 21st. The northern hemisphere had severe heat waves last summer in July and Aug which sent the temperatures above 106 F degrees in the arctic circle, UK, Canada, Japan, LA (southern California), etc.

    In the southern hemisphere we are expecting to see similar heatwaves and abnormal sun moving father south in January than it will be on Dec 21st. So keep track of it for us. We’d like to confirm their heatwaves and solar behavior mirror our own in the north during our last summer.

    Please keep track of the temperatures, heatwaves, wildfires, animal deaths, heat waves in the antarctic circle during the next 2 or 3 months so we can compare and keep track.

    These heatwaves create severe wildfire conditions. Do not throw lit cigarettes or matches or any flammable materials out of your vehicles, etc. These kinds of heat waves will start horrific wildfires. Keep your yard watered and do not let it dry out. Thousands are homeless in California, Canada and adjacent areas. Make sure you have water hoses and buckets. Be prepared to fight the heat. Buy a window air conditioner and some fans to keep you cool if you are in south Australia, South Africa, Southern part of south america & near the antarctic circle. Buy them now while the prices are cheap. It will only get worse. Wildfires destroyed the West US and Canada. Only those who had large hoses and watered their properties, roofs, vegetation, etc., the minute they saw fires in the area were able to save their properties. They didn’t wait until the fire was upon them. They started watering when the fires were 20 miles away.

    Let us know how far south your sun has moved on Dec 21st and check it daily to see if it moves farther south into January which would be the mirror image of our sun moving north in July and Aug which created heat waves in the arctic circle. I could not believe the arctic was over 106 degrees Fahrenheit. I predicted the southern hemisphere will do the same in Dec, Jan & Feb. Probably hotter in Antarctica in Jan & Feb.

    The winters will be the opposite of the summers in both hemispheres. Our winters will be bitter cold with unusual snow and freezing temperatures. During our summers, we will continue to suffer triple digit heat waves near the north and south poles during the summers of both hemispheres. This is a result of the axis shift. Extreme opposite summers and winters. But the sun and weather will be perfectly normal during the autumn and Spring except they will disappear faster because the sun position has further to travel.

    So get a window air conditioner and some fans at the very least to survive the heat waves and defend against wildfires. Then those in the north need to prepare for bitter winters and heavy snows. The Autumn and Spring seasons will be normal. But the winters and summers will be severe beyond anything you have ever seen… caused by the axis shift. So prepare in advance. It isn’t going to get any better. The Minister of Canada’s ecology said on CN in August over the next 20 or 30 years, temperatures & heatwaves of 130 F temperatures will be normal. You can get a window air conditioner for about $120 at Lowes in the US. Don’t wait until they are sold out to get one because your family and pets will die at these temperatures. You may have to cool down the pets with their own air conditioner.

    Please keep us informed about the conditions in the south this Dec, Jan & Feb so we can compare. Also any bizarre animal deaths such as these bats. On Dec 21st, please face south and tell us the angle when the sun rises and sets on the horizon just when it touches the horizon. Also, at noon standard time, please use a pole which is plumb to measure the shadow it casts and the direction of the shadow (which would likely be north with the axis shift). Remember, everything in the southern hemisphere is the mirror opposite of what we had to do to measure the sun position in the northern Hemisphere.

    This link below is from 5 years ago describing how to measure the sun position using a clock face or a compass. Conditions were nowhere near as bad at the time that post was made. Those of you in the southern hemisphere need to measure facing south on Dec 21st. We need sunrise, sunset angles as the sun touches the horizon. Plus the noon shadow distance and length if possible. Remember those of you in the southern hemisphere must face south instead of north. It is the mirror image of the instructions I gave for the northern hemisphere.

    Be sure to keep track of the temperatures south of the tropic of Capricorn for the months of Dec, Jan & Feb. We also need to know if your sun position keeps moving south after the Dec 21st solstice as our did this past July. None of us has ever seen the sun do this before and we need to know if it happens during your summer as well. It shouldn’t keep moving toward the pole or antarctic after the summer solstice on Dec 21st for the south. This is very important. It may indicate we have become horizontal like the planet Uranus. Our star constellations and the moon have also been off as you might see with a horizontal rotation. But we need to do some serious measurements to be sure before we can confirm something like this.

    This link also has a couple images to help you see how it was 5 years ago. I haven’t had time to build pages for the south this year due to ill health. So excuse the old data. It is only to help you to know what to look for.

    The posts on readiness on the main page of the website is just to help people prepare. You never know when some calamity may occur such as a hurricane, wildfire, tornado or flood. The info is not intended to create a rush on supplies at the stores but I definitely recommend air conditioners and fans for heat waves and plenty of water. Ice. Just a window unit in your living room or bedroom will help. It is imperative to protect your family and pets from the summer heat waves and winter blizzards. I think perhaps it might also be better to celebrate Christmas in June if you live in southern Australia or South Africa, etc. Then you could have snow with your trees and festivities.

    We are eager to see how your weather in the south compares with ours in the north.

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