Temperature anomaly in Australia: Sandals and pavement are melting as extreme heatwave scorches across Australia


Australia’s post-Christmas heatwave continues to sweep across the country, with a near record-breaking 49°C [120°F] forecast for Western Australia, and fire danger, health and air quality warnings issued across the nation.Temperature records have been broken as a heatwave continues across the country and parts of South Australia are expected to enter catastrophic fire conditions later on Friday.

australia heatwave december 2018, australia heatwave december 2018 video, australia heatwave december 2018 pictures
Heat forecast for the week-end in Australia. via Twitter

Marble Bar in north-western Western Australia broke its all-time heat record on Thursday, reaching 49.3°C [120.7°F) as parts of SA and Victoria issued bushfire warning, and extreme weather forecast to continue into next week…

In northern Victoria, Mildura had another day of temperatures in the mid-40s, reaching 44°C on Thursday. In New South Wales, Menindee, near Broken Hill, and Wentworth, near the Victorian border, peaked at 45°C.

australia heatwave december 2018, australia heatwave december 2018 video, australia heatwave december 2018 pictures
Sandals melting during unprecedented heatwave in parts of Australia in December 2018. via Twitter

The highest warnings were in place for South Australia, which was expecting temperatures of 48°C at Oak Valley, north of the Nullabor, and 47°C at Port Augusta.

The previous December record is also 47°C from three years ago so we might see some records tumble there today,” said Diana Eadie, a meteorologist at the bureau.

Catastrophic fire conditions

The bureau forecast that catastrophic fire conditions could set in later on Friday in parts of South Australia when strong southerly winds were expected to hit the state.

The mid-north fire ban district of South Australia, which takes in towns including Clare, Snowtown, Burra and Jamestown, was on alert for catastrophic fire conditions.

By Friday morning, temperatures in Snowtown had already reached 38°C.

Five other fire ban districts in the state – the west coast, the eastern Eyre Peninsula, Flinders, the Yorke Peninsula and the Mount Lofty Ranges – had extreme fire danger ratings and there were severe fire danger ratings in place in three others.

The South Australian Country Fire Service was warning residents in these areas to be ready to enact their bushfire survival plans.

australia heatwave december 2018, australia heatwave december 2018 video, australia heatwave december 2018 pictures
Extreme temperatures measured across Australia on December 27, 2018.
australia heatwave december 2018, australia heatwave december 2018 video, australia heatwave december 2018 pictures
Temperature records measured across Australia on December 27, 2018.

It’s won’t be a viable option in some parts of the state to stay and defend today because conditions will be so bad,” said Alison Martin, a spokeswoman for the fire service. “We’re telling people to enact their bushfire survival plan early and, if they need to leave, they need to do so before they see smoke and know where they’re travelling to.

In Victoria, the Mallee and Wimmera regions had severe fire danger ratings on Friday.

australia heatwave december 2018, australia heatwave december 2018 video, australia heatwave december 2018 pictures
Extreme heatwave engulfs Australia and melts roads in December 2018. via Twitter

Temperatures in much of the country were sitting at 5°C to 15°C above average for this time of year, with only a few places escaping the heat.

Beachgoers hoping to cool off in the sea were also advised to take care, after four people drowned in coastal waters in two days on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Another totally insane heat anomaly in Australia!

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[The Guardian, Triplem]


  1. Hi Cloud Eater,
    What you are saying is so true, some of the chemical make up on these chem trails are: iron,molybdenum,
    sodium, calcium,aluminum, vanadium, barium,copper,nickel,lead,magnesium,manganese,silicon,titanium,zirconium,strontium. this is only some, these chemicals are detrimental to our health, not only to think that we are breathing this stuff in, it gets into our soil, crops, ground water , aquifers , and some of you in the country tank water, our live stock are affected by this as well, Also the damage it would cause to the Eco system in the ocean, which is fragile at best, As well as our city folk who think they know better and are immune to everything, they to are effected , no disrespect meant.
    This is a world wide phenomenon, so who ever is running this must have immense power, and are untouchable, these people hide and control in the shadows , no one knows who they are, but they certainly dictate the agenda on this planet.
    You also have to ask the question why has Monsanto got a patent for aluminum resistant wheat strain, what do they know that we don’t?
    All these chemicals I believe are added to jet fuel, ( passenger planes) or dedicated chem trail planes, and I would also guess drones and air force jets, and by looking at the speed and height they fly at; this would not surprise me. This is really a disaster in the making which is going to effect the whole planet with real consequences for all of us, and no one is talking about it , nothing in our fake news media about it, but heaps about global warming scam,and other stupid stuff , desperate house wives etc. what a joke they are I don’t even by news papers , or watch the news on TV any more.

    I believe our government and politicians are complicit in this, they really are a treasonous bunch of criminals, I believe people go into politics for the right reasons, and to genuinely represent their constituents, But are corrupted and told to tow the party line or else , I got this from a friend of mine who wanted to stand in Ballarat as a federal Liberal candidate, he told them basically where to stick it, at the interview with the critters in the dark shadows,he told them that he would be there to represent his constituents, and not to a degree; tow the party line , He was appalled by all this , no surprises there though.
    With politicians you need to understand , That whatever they say or imply, believe the opposite, because they lie to us all the time , I don’t believe a thing that comes out of their lying mouths.They are a mob of hypocrites.
    They certainly know about the weather modification program, No doubt about that, but they are controlled by people in the shadows, faceless people ,we never see them, career bureaucrats, who push the same agenda despite which party is in power, the same agenda keeps on its merry way,
    money plays a big part in this. Its definitely Diabolical. It is world wide this government scam , two party voting system, all the major countries have this, its really a one party voting system, nothing changes. ever notice that?
    When they die and face our creator , only the truth will stand, and they will pay dearly for their sins ,I would not want to be in their shoes, that would terrify me knowing what will happen to them.

    im just looking out the window now , its 8 pm new years eve, no chem trails , pilots must be at a new year eves party or something like that ,not a cloud in the sky ,and that golden hue of the sun is over everything , the sun is in a quiet phase no doubt about that,

    I could comment on the desalination plant at Wonthaggi , but I wont , I think you all know its a waste of 3.3 billion dollars , with an estimated cost of 649 million to run every year, and it only supplies one third of Melbourne and Gee long’s water needs, what a pathetic effort, would have been better to build dams, could have got a few dams for that with virtually nil running costs, our fore fathers were a lot smarter than these politicians we have now, particularly in relation to Melbourne’s water supply from the Thompson dam,
    and where they built it. awesome. that Desalination plant is a huge white elephant people, no matter what the politicians tell us, no matter how much lipstick they put on it, its still a white elephant,draining tax payers money .
    To Cedric Joseph yes mate I remember that a couple of us were up that way four wheel driving after the fires, We went up through licola straight over the top to Jamison, the road was blocked off by DSE but we got through with the land cruiser no worries, I remember Glenmaggie dam was pretty low at the time to.
    By the way I love that poem by Dorothy Mackeller
    anyway happy new year to all, and hope you have a better year next year

  2. Its not uncommon for parts of Australia to reach 50 degrees Celsius in the summer time , you really are scare mongering, There is a Poem by Dorothy Mackeller 1885 – 1968 which in a nut shell sums up
    Australia: It goes like this:

    I love a sun burnt country
    A land of sweeping plains
    Of ragged mountain ranges
    Of droughts and flooding rains
    I love her far horizons
    I love her jewel seas
    Her beauty and her terror
    The wide brown land for me.

    as you can see this sort of stuff is part of Australia’s make up, The older farmers will tell you its normal and common that we go through drought, we just recently come out of a drought which lasted 12 years, we had a similar drought back in the early 1900 , the only difference between then and now is people, we have more of them to day, In 1900 approx 3.8 million people, today approx 22 million,
    stands to reason the weather is going to impact more on the population , particularly in the cities, as they tend to get hotter due to concrete, steel, glass and hot-mix construction methods.
    Do your research this is fear mongering at its best, and pandering to the global warming agenda, which is the biggest fraud foisted on Humanity in history , some of you should research the medieval warming period approx 800 – 1400 AD a chronicled fact that some of these global warming proponents hate, as its a a thorn in their side, and don’t want to acknowledge it , as it doesn’t suit their agenda.
    Climate change is a normal part of the cycle of life on earth, we cant change it , the global warming agenda cant change it, the only way the global warming criminals can change it is by spraying that crap in the sky, those chem trails create a blanket which traps the heat in so it cant disperse into space during the night period there fore it gets hotter, we should be going through a cooling period at the moment, as the sun is in a quiet phase, so why is it getting hotter, look up people the answer is in the crap they are spraying day and night .
    If you don’t believe me go out early in the morning at sun up and at sun down and see the golden hue that is cast on everything, particularly in the country areas, the sun is definitely in a quiet phase.
    Stop scare mongering do your research

    • Yes Tony I absolutely agree with you 100%.
      I was born & raised in Australia, 5th generation Ozzy & I can vouch for everything your saying.
      However they have been chemtrailing ridiculously out where we live in the remote country area.
      We can plainly see it. We would have to have our heads in the sand & be mindless idiots to pretend it’s not happening. It’s that obvious.
      It’s NOT condensation trails from planes. They last seconds & don’t go far beyond the planes exhaust.
      These have been leaving long white trails in patterns & in cahoots with several other planes doing the same th8ng at the same time. The trails bloom out & stay there for hours blocking the sun & clouding our beautiful blue sky’s in a greyed out smog.
      It’s oppressive & ugly.
      I don’t know what’s in all that crap but if it has to be done in secret then it can’t be all that good.
      If anything is causing “ man made climate change” then this would be it!
      It’s not the people it’s whoever is behind this sinister & very covert spraying of CRAP into our atmosphere on a regular basis.
      I’m sure it’s causing health problems with those who have to breath it in. So who ever is behind it should PAY for the problems that they cause.

    • I live in latrobe Valley,Victoria. About 10 years ago there was a short drought here, followed by fires. I saw the dams very low. This was the justification to build a desalination plant in Wonthaggi. After the desalination plant was finished the dams filled up and rain is back to normal. To justify paying this desalination plant the water rates have doubled to this day. Looks to me like the powers at be are making a lot of money where the masses live by controlling the weather.

      • I agree! That’s exactly what happened in Melbourne at the end of the last drought. The desalination plant has never been used.

      • So on the one hand the gov is crooning about the devastating drought going on in country Australia but on the other hand they are causing it with this kind of disgusting weather modification with their own agenda.

  3. Summer temps in Arizona go over 120 almost every year and our streets don’t melt. What kind of junk do they make their streets from? When you make them cheap as possible, that’s what happens.

  4. this is another nation that has gone over to the dark side of satanism, there government is loaded with one word government legislators and a strong hatred for Christianity. then they wonder why all these calamities are upon them, Hey you schmucks who run that communist government it is going to get far worse then you can ever imagine. the people will rise up against you and kill all of you satanist lunatics. The people will then demand the return of the guns you stole from them,which they should have never given up in the first place.the people should have went to war over it and removed all there satanist leaders, but this is what happens when you have khazarian jew women running around the world from the UN disarming nations under the disguise of false numbers and false statistics, this is what the UN and there communist globalist masters do best.

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