Indian chief asks GOVERNMENTS to stop speaying CHEMTRAILS over the planet


The story goes like this: tens of thousands of commercial airliners a day are deliberately spraying some kind of mixture of toxic chemicals — either across the United States, or possibly globally — in what would amount to one of the largest covert operations ever.

The scheme has been going on for years, perhaps decades. The goal: everything from large-scale weather modification to mass population or mind control.

The motive presumably would vary with the goal, but it is typically seen as a version of powerful business, government, and military interests covering up even worse deeds.

And guys… This is true!

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  1. haha……..the elite depletes understand two things: money and force. since they have all the money that means we have to force them to stop. the real natives are blacks. the reds migrated here from asia which is why they have slanted eyes. they mixed with the olmecs and migrated north claiming to be the true natives. they are not. blacks were already here.

    • Reptilian Secret Underground Base just under Wells Fargo had been attacked!

  2. Wells Fargo Bank Run is going on?

    Widespread technical difficulties hit Wells Fargo’s online banking and mobile app Thursday following a power shutdown caused after smoke was detected at a data center in Shoreview, Minnesota.

    Friday, a day after an outage that disrupted its banking system nationwide on Thursday. It was the second outage to hit the troubled bank in a week. reports are coming in from customers that they are unable to access there accounts as Wells sets withdrawal limits of $100 at ATMs.

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