Hurricane-force winds cause blizzard conditions and widespread power outages in Michigan


It might be safe to say that Sunday was a veritable buffet of bad weather across Michigan. From blizzard conditions, to sustained high winds, to flooding and 20-foot waves pounding the Great Lakes shorelines, they’ve got a big, messy mix going on across the Mitten’s two peninsulas.

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Michigan blizzard and widespread power outage on February 24, 2019. via Facebook

Powerful sustained winds created blizzard conditions for a large swath of Michigan, and caused widespread power outages that even today left more than 100,000 homes and businesses in the dark.

And after Croatia on Saturday, some of those wind gusts in Michigan were especially powerful, exceeding the threshold for hurricane-force winds (74mph) like in :

  • Stannard Rock (Lake Superior): 79 mph
  • Granite Island (Lake Superior): 76 mph

With a lot more coming very close:

  • Au Gres: 70 mph
  • Houghton County Airport: 69 mph
  • Copper Harbor: 69 mph
  • Tuscola County’s Bay Park: 68 mph

Satellite image video of the storm:

Another weather anomaly… It seems they are spreading around the world!

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  1. Yesterday, I went to Corinth, Mississippi and on the way to go there, I was noticed some tornado damage around highway 72. Today, I’ve found out there were 3 tornadoes destroyed in 3 locations around Mississippi and Alabama boarder. One of them was in Burnsville where I passed yesterday. There were some structures destroyed around that area. But a tornado hit Colombus Mississippi (The most of people work for or benefit from US Air Force Base in that city.) was the biggest one. It looks like many of buildings including Pentecostal Church have been destroyed.

    2 24 18 Columbus, MS Tornado Aerial Views Tracing Path And Closeups Of Extreme Damage 4K RAW

    On highway 247 near my house got a landslide. I noticed a chunk of mud occupied around ditch, and I looked up and noticed the landslide just under somebody’s house. That 5day rain and storm had been especially targeted around Mississippi and Alabama boarder. Many of highways and roads are still under water and impassable.

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