Dramatic consequences of the CENTRAL PLAINS BOMBOGENESIS in videos and pictures


Here some dramatic news, probably not covered by the large news networks out there. Have a thought or prayer for them!

This is rather impressive. The storm moving across the Central Plains is responsible for the wind direction across the entire country. Near the center of circulation, gusts have exceeded category 1 hurricane strength.

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The storm bombing across the Central Plains is responsible for the wind direction across the entire country. via Facebook

And here another awesome map of the unprecedented BOMB CYCLONE:

The National Weather Service has just issued a large Flash Flood Warning for northeast Nebraska. There are numerous road closures in north and east Nebraska because of flood waters over the roadway. Some communities have and are evacuating because of flooding.

In Cedar County, Nebraska Wednesday, residents in the low lying areas of Randolph had to evacuate because of the flooding. – KTIV and here some pictures of the Siouxland flooding, mainly due to combined rain, snowmelt and frozen grounds. –KITV

Columbus, Nebraska, is getting hit especially hard by flooding right now. The Black Bridge is being monitored by police and emergency management teams. Is it going to resist?

These are just a few images of the flooding going on near Osmond and Pierce along the North Fork of the Elkhorn River in Nebraska today. From vehicles partially submerged on main street, to hay bales floating down the river and water coming up over bridges, the extreme flooding has closed down all roads coming in and out of the area.

The Spencer dam located on the Niobrara River near O’Neill, in the Holt County partially collapsed due to the high water levels:

And here some huge chunks of ice from the Niobrara River onto what looks to be NE-Highway 11 south of Butte:

And Nonca is completely underwater – KITV

A Highway 281 bridge over the Niobrara River in Boyd County appears to be gone, according to the Nebraska State Patrol. videos @Siouxlandnews

Ice Jammin’ near Van Meter, Iowa. The South Raccoon River is so high, the ice is getting trapped under the bridge on I-80.

I wouldn’t try to cross this bridge in Logan, Iowa:

Hurricane force wind gusts currently being reported in Broken Bow, NE! This is also occurring with snowfall.

In New Mexico, winds were also terrifyingly strong!

And in Nebraska too! OMG!

OMG, and what about Texas Panhandle with sustained winds over 50mph and gusts over 75mph:

More about this severe storm and its forecast here.

Hope your are ok!

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