Major eruption of Stromboli volcano, Italy captured on infrared video


Yesterday, June 25, 2019, 11.03pm, the Stromboli volcano had a major eruption at the south-central area of ​​the Stromboli crater terrace.

The seismic signal associated with the strong eruption lasted about 4 minutes.

A violent explosion of the Stromboli volcano occurred on July 3, 2019. Get more news, pictures and videos about that latest explosion here.

Stromboli - 25.06.2019 / 23h59 -  enregistrement sismo-acoustique et tiltmètre - Doc.LGS

According to first measurements, the seismic pulse was 4 times higher than normal activity. Infrasonic measurements measured pressures up to 170 Pa 450 meters from the crater C.

The eruption was accompanied by a strong deformation signal, with more than 1 minutes of inflation before the explosion.

Stromboli - 25.06.2019 / 23h59 -  enregistrement sismo-acoustique et tiltmètre - Doc.LGS

The infrared video shows lots of incandescent material being ejected from the crater. This was also corroborated by the ejection of tephra up to Forgia Vecchia and which has started a fire.

No other explosion have been observed since and the seismic activity has returned to background level.

[Earth of fire, Corriere Etneo]

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