Climate chaos: Surprise snowfalls in Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Turkey


The weather is going crazy again with snowfalls reported across Eastern Europe and up to Turkey between July 8 and 11.

Insane, isn’t it?

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Romania snow july 2019: This mountain should be green this time of the year. Picture by

Romania: First summer snowfall on Pietrosul Rodnei Peak in 15 years

A sudden drop in temperatures led snow to Pietrosul Rodnei Peak in Maramureş County…and it may happen again over the next few nights. 

The mayor of Borsa said it was the first summer snowfall on Pietrosul Rodnei Peak in 15 years, since August 2004.

July is normally very hot in Romania. –

Surprise snow in Tatra Mountains from Poland and Slovakia

This summer is amazing! After breaking records of heat, alternating storms and rain with hail, it’s time for snow and record low temperatures in Poland.

eastern europe snow july 2019, snow romania july 2019, snow slovakia july 2019, snow turkey july 2019, snow poland july 2019
july snow covers peaks in the Tatra Mountains in Poland and Slovakia. Picture by JAKUB ORZECHOWSKI/SE

However, no one expected that it would snow in Poland in July!!! Some remember times when it fell in April or even in May, but not during summer vacation. – ESKA

Meanwhile in Slovakia:

With low temperatures, gusty winds and very poor visibility, this July in the mountains is not pleasant for tourists. The Tatra voluntary rescue service warns not to travel in the mountains without appropriate equipment.

Snow in Turkey in July 2019!

Mehmet Gurler from Bayirbag village expressed his surprise when snow covered different mountain tops in the near Erzinkan in the Monk Mountains on July 8, 2019.

turkey snow july 2019
Snow covers mountains peaks in Turkey in July 2019. Crazy! Picture via Youtube video

For the first time in my life, I saw snow in the mountains. I’m shocked. It was raining in the morning, it snowed to the high spots.” 

The summit of the Kesis Mountains, which turned white, could be clearly seen from Bayirbag Village of Uzumlu district of Erzincan. – Haberturc

Weather manipulation brings an unprecedented climate chaos around the world. I am just waiting for the first snow in Brazil’s rainforest!

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    Be sure you are saved, and not just think you are.

    All Christians ought to download and read both of these. The time is at hand.

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