In 2020, this was dismissed as a wild conspiracy theory


Pretty good rant…

It’s not only near perfect in the predictions (probably not too different from most here would have envisioned in ’20, but still puts him in a rare class against general population, the predicting lockdown going to July of the following year probably seemed especially crazy, but he actually undershot that).

He also paces himself while keeping it moving at a gripping rate, is passionate but doesn’t start yelling, uses evocative language but nothing too endtimes, streetcorner Nostradamus, and avoids using um/ah/I mean/you know filler words.

I sense a career in AM talk radio in this young man’s future.

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  1. M0TB strikes Sweden:

    The Mars Guy’s brain beast-chips led to fatality of at least 15 innocent creatures:

    Why are teachers quitting the ESE classrooms En masse?

    Because of the decline of pediatric well-being:

    “Ziemer said there are other parents who feel abandoned by the school district, saying her children have been “body slammed,” suffered a broken bone, and experienced death threats by fellow students.
    Ziemer also said that teachers are being threatened, hit and sworn at. She worries that Red Wing will not be able to retain quality teachers because of these problems….”

    Our kids will never know freedom, but already know these:

    Goodbye normal neurological development, hello violent ASDs:

    “But in September, he was suspended for part of the day after attempting to push an educational assistant down the stairs. A couple of weeks later, he picked up a chair and tossed it at another child. On other occasions, he punched, shoved, kicked and threatened staff and other students, school administrators say.
    And then in late October, everything boiled over. After an incident when Grayson struck an educational assistant, leaving her with bruises, scrapes and a concussion, the seven-year-old was expelled from school. …”

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