Climate Scientists Are Absolutely Mad, And Their Agenda Will Cause a Planetary Collapse


The mainstream media has made a radical departure away from vehement chemtrail denialism into systematic chemtrail embrace.

And the question remains as to why the climate “deep state” has suddenly decided to show its cards.

Why Bill Gates Is Funding Solar Geoengineering Research
Why Bill Gates Is Funding Solar Geoengineering Research

Geoengineering, which was long dubbed a “conspiracy theory” by the narrative gatekeepers, has suddenly become not just a thing, but the thing that will supposedly provide the solution to “climate change” and “global warming.”

But is this really the true purpose of chemtrails?

Just as Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, long warned, the geoengineering conspiracy would one day be exposed and make its way into the mainstream, but under false pretenses – and that’s exactly what appears to be happening.

Geoengineering is real, they’re now admitting, and it’s for the good of the planet. But the truth is that the chemtrail agenda is a nefarious tool that the “elite” are using as a means of weather control, and thus population control.

While it’s somewhat encouraging to see that what we and others have long warned about is, in fact, turning out to be everything we said it was, the revelation of this to the general public suggests that the globalists are much further along in fulfilling their agenda than many people probably think.

Climate Scientists Are Absolutely Mad, And Their Agenda Will Cause a Planetary Collapse

Even as the media admits that geoengineering is real, the claim is that it’s being used to “cool” the planet. All of that barium and aluminum raining down from our skies is somehow a “good” thing, the media insists, even as rates of chronic illness skyrocket.

With the financial help of globalist billionaires and eugenicists like Bill Gates, chemtrails are now being sprayed in pretty much every country around the world, which climate alarmists now say is necessary to “block” the sun from warming the earth.

It’s a ridiculous notion, and one that makes no logical sense in the same way that carbon dioxide (CO2) can’t be a “pollutant,” as the climate lobby claims, at the same time that it functions as a life molecule for sustaining all plant life. But this is what people like Neil deGrasse and Bill Nye claim is true, as does most of the mainstream media.

Bill Gates, it turns out, is actually funding a project known as ScoPEx, run by scientists from Harvard University, that involves intentionally releasing pollution to block out the sun.

As Adams warns, the result of this will be the impairing of photosynthesis in plants and phytoplankton which, combined with the climate lobby’s efforts to eliminate CO2, will mean the total collapse of the world’s food crops, leading to global famine, starvation, and mass death.

That’s the real goal of the program, of course,” Adams writes.

It’s a ‘mass extinction’ weapon system that’s funded by globalists to annihilate humankind by taking out the food webs that support human life. This is nothing less than the weaponization of the atmosphere to commit genocide on a planetary scale.

This is one of the globalist deep state’s hard kill agendas, from which nobody will be able to escape. While soft kill programs like forced vaccination are able to catch most people and enslave them, hard kill sun-blocking will affect everyone, collapsing food systems, plant life, and eventually human existence.

This planned pollution of the skies could devastate life on Earth,” Adams goes on to warn.

It might unleash, ‘… things like mass famine, mass flooding, drought, of kinds that would affect very large populations,’ warns Stephen Gardiner, author of A Perfect Moral Storm, in a CNBC video that now touts the benefits of chemtrails.

You sheep, me big boss, me going to kick your a**.

This geoengineering article was first published on Natural News

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  1. ALL life on earth is Carbon based! Insanity!
    I jokingly tell people that the planet is being terraformed because the aliens came and told our leaders,”Your lease is up.”
    In 2019, I walked outside in CA valley and looked up and saw five airplanes in delta-v formation, that then split off and started chem-trailing the whole sky. It’s EVIL!
    Also, I have found that the spraying does NOT block the sun; it creates an inversion that traps heat. And one wonders why CA has been in a horrible (man made) drought with horrible (aluminum oxide covered forests) fires. It’s EVIL!
    Writing of forest fires, in 2021 a fire in the CA sierras was raging out of control until one evening I see a very bright orange light fly very fast to the east positioned over that fire. It then moved very fast back and forth, covering a rectangular area the size of the fire, then I lost sight of it. The next days news says that fire is slowing down and will be in control much sooner than projected! No shit! Gotta wonder what was so important up there? Of course, the very next fire was in the same area and five times bigger, and burned completely around the first.
    Then every so often I see,mostly at night, 5 to 6 planes in line separated by miles between them, mostly going from west to east, but also south to north. It has to be EVIL!

  2. The next ice age starts in 2020, youtube – APM Research: The End Times, Revelations And Prophecy Parts 1 and 2.

    • Yes, and the only thing we can do is get right with God. We can’t stop it because it’s caused by the sun. The world is now getting colder but the elites are not warning people. It’s truly diabolical.

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