Dump truck’s hydraulics blow out – May 2018


Dump truck’s hydraulics blow out – May 2018

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  1. I had a hose blow out on my Case 580 backhoe. The loader just dropped like a stone. I am always amazed when I see people walking under things controlled by hydraulics.

  2. My best friend was a diesel mechanic working on a dump truck exactly like this one. The bucket was stuck in the up position and he was there to fix it.

    There was a hydraulic failure while he was under the bucket.

    He didn’t make it.

    RIP Daniel, you were a great friend and I miss you man.

  3. I was taught since oil is incompressible that hydraulic systems are much safer than pneumatics – oil leak causes pressure drop but in pneumatics, it can shoot projectiles.

    How did this happen?

  4. Reminds me of a catastrophic failure we had in our family business many years ago.

    My family owns a towing company. We only work with semi trucks, though. Anyways, a dump truck had rolled over and as we were rolling it back over, one of the booms on our trucks completely broke almost in half.

    Luckily we had two trucks hooked onto the dump truck so the other wrecker held the load. It was such a crazy thing that the company that built the bed for our tow truck ended up replacing it for free, as we hadn’t overloaded it or stressed it enough to break it. Just a freak accident.

    Anyways, seeing the bed on that dump truck slam down reminded me of it so I figured I’d share. Used to have video of it of the moment it snapped, but alas I’m sure it’s been lost. I’ll try to dig it up.

    Edit: Sorry everyone, the video is gone. Too many phone switches since it happened, so I’ve lost it at some point.

    Also realize I worded one part badly, when I say completely broke almost in half, I mean that it did break in half internally, but it didn’t go flying off the truck.

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