King Tide Flooding in Garden City, South Carolina – Now Imagine those Floods When the Power of Hurricane Dorian Will Add Up Next Week!


It’s King tide time in Southern Carolina…

And when Dorian will approach the coast of Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas next week, those huge and powerful tides will be even more destructive and terrifying! And yes Hurricane Dorian is a monster:

While Hurricane Dorian is currently hitting the Bahamas on its way to Florida and the southeastern coast of the USA, Garden City, a town is South Carolina is already facing major flooding after King Tides.

According to the tweet, such floods are expected over the next 4-5 days a few hours before and after these high tides. The tweet was written on Friday, August 30. In other words, flooding due to these king tides can be expected until Tuesday at least, and maybe until wednesday and Thursday.

According to the latest forecast, Dorian will approach Florida on Tuesday as well as Georgia and South Carolina on Wednesday. So king tides will also be around (for sure in Florida and Georgia at least)!

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Hurricane Dorian: The powerful storm will impact Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas in the next the USA. Map by NOAA

Here a few terrifying videos showing Dorian making its way through the Bahamas:

Now imagine, what Garden City and other towns along the US southeastern coast will look like when the powers of the now Category 5 Hurricane Dorian and of the King tides will add up… A remake of Atlantis?

Be ready and if you are not ready yet, get prepared! That could turn totally disastrous!

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