M 3.8 – Middle-America Mexico [Chiapas] El Palmarcito


Preliminary Earthquake Report:

Date/Time: 18.09.2019 08:55:06 UTC

Magnitude: M 3.8

Mercalli Scale: 2

Depth: 14 km

Coordinate: 14° 43.800, 93° 51.600

Additional data:

Local time in the epicenter: Wednesday, September 18, 2019 at 03:55 at night at epicenter

Continent: Middle-America

Country: Mexico [MX]

State: [Chiapas]

Location: 72.00 km (44.74 miles) . of El Palmarcito, [Chiapas]

Population: 0 person(s)

The potential effects of the earthquake:

A few people might notice movement if they are at rest and/or on the upper floors of tall buildings.

Earthquake Base Data: EMSC

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