Cloaked UFO Ring Appears in the Sky Above Moscow (Video)


Residents of Kalininets, a suburb of Moscow, were celebrating the city day when the a mysterious smoke ring appeared in the sky.

No explanation has been provided so far.

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Mysterious black ring forms in the sky over Moscow (video). Picture via Instagram

Not a day goes by without news of UFOs or some other paranormal events.

Residents of Kalininets in the Moscow region are trying to figure out what a black circular ring floating in the sky for half an hour on September 28, 2019, was.

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Une publication partagée par Селятино Апрелевка Калининец (@selyatino_aprelevka) le

Kalininets is located in the Naro-Fominsk district, which is home to the 4th Tank Division.

Some users thought the ring could have appeared as a result of military exercises or could be the product of chemical activities.

One Instagram user sent a photo dating back to 2004, which shows the same black ring. The photo prompted speculation of an impending doomsday.

Other users were more positive and claimed that someone in the sky was apparently playing tic-tac-toe.

I reported about such a ring a few years ago in UK and Argentina. The strange UFO like ring was produced by a transformer explosion. So how did this black ring formed in the sky over Moscow. Please tell me in the comments. [Sputnik]

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