Multiple Birds Mysteriously Falling From the sky Outside a Hospital in Coventry, UK!


Birds don’t like the new 5G technology.

They just fall from the sky!

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5G kills birds in front of hospital in Coventry, UK. Picture via Facebook video

Two recent events – and probably more not covered by medias – show that birds don’t like the new 5G technology. A few days ago, more than 300 fell from the sky at the NASCAR Hall of Fame building in Uptown Charlotte. It seems that beginning of the month, another bird mass die-off occurred just in front of an hospital in Coventry, UK, where they have just introduced the new internet technology. And this is no coincidence!

The Mystery Continues

The video was filmed in the vicinity of the University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) hospital on October 5th 2019 by Joshua Brown.

Officials believe the birds hit the windows of the hospital because many had twisted necks, but witnesses didn’t see or heard any hit windows. What’s more, stickers have been placed on the hospital windows to prevent the birds flying into the large panes of glass.

Meanwhile, the police is investigating the incident but the mystery continues. The RSPB who were contacted initially have passed the investigation to the RSPCA, who have the resources to look into the matter – well this is what they think!

A spokesman for University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) NHS Trust said:

We are aware of the video footage that has been circulating on social media and would like to thank members of the public for bringing it to our attention. Our service contractor has sought independent advice and is also meeting with the RSPCA to consider potential causes. We take great pride in the natural environment at the hospital and take our responsibility to protect and support wildlife extremely seriously.

I think the spokesman should also mention ‘to protect and support our patients’ that are also being irradiated by the deadly 5G technology.

Another evidence of the “dangerous” effects of 5G.

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  1. the same happened in Utrecht and Den Haag (The Netherlands), Trondheim (Norway) and many other places. Authorities keep saying these birds have been poisoned… strange poison that creates sudden death for a whole flock instead of the birds slowly dying one by one….

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