Asteroids Just Keep Coming: Another Skyscraper-sized Space Rock Will Pass Earth This Week


Another Apollo asteroid measuring almost the height of New York’s Rockefeller Center is due to make a flyby of Earth this week.

We appear to be entering a region of space with a much higher density of cosmic debris. Dangerous times!

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As you can see, Asteroid 2019 UN12 (110 to 240 meters wide) will fly by Earth on November 13 2019. Picture via Youtube video

The potentially hazardeous asteroid 2019 UN12 is estimated to measure between 110m-250m (360-820.21ft) and will whizz past the Earth on Wednesday at a whopping 64,467mph (103,750kmh).

The good news is that the rock from the asteroid belt poses no immediate threat to life on our planet as it will fly by Earth at a fairly safe distance of 892,294 miles (1,436,008 km), farther than many of the space rocks in recent weeks.

Why isn’t more attention being paid to the sheer number of NEOs?

Why do we discover always more moons orbiting around Jupiter and Saturn?

We enter a region of space with a much higher density of cosmic debris…. Really dangerous times. [SOTT]

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  1. THE NIBIRU MINI SOLAR SYSTEM is coming and with it ARE TRILLIONS OF ASTEROIDS,you guys ain’t seen nothing yet,it won’t be long and you’ll realize that the Janitor at NASA is just another government lieing whore,and you won’t be ready because you beleived him and NOT THE LORD or your own eyes…thats called being stupid where I come from…

  2. The Aliens are coming. Asteroids are telling you something happened where they came from. Leftover debris from a cosmic battle and now moving to earth to do WAR??

    Just kidding.

    • Just kidding. Really? Read Any of the nine Earth Chronicles books by Dr Zechariah Sitchin or any of Immanuel Velikovsky’s works, especially Worlds In Collision. Both men are learned scholars and document everything copiously. Asteroids are indeed cosmic debris left over from collisions in space; where the foreign bodies originally came from is anybody’s guess. And for you religious fanatics: “The Lord” was a celestial body, probably a comet. The ancients worshiped celestial bodies and watched the sky continuously. Monotheism didn’t happen until relatively recent times. Get over yourselves….

  3. This just beginning of no ends. My predictions of 6-8 plus till Nov 30 still stands with much accuracy look at last 48hours see how many quakes 6plus and counting.WE are not of the hook till we change our behaviors collectively or world civil wars will ruin all nations. Mexico,Lebanon,Honk Kong,Chilli,Bolivia,Iraq,Rhodesia,and many other nations that if I say lists going many, soon USA civil war never was ended.Now because of elections USA will be continuing civil war where they left off. We must pray for USA to not going be a old civil war continuations.We must unite love and respect each other’s before is too late for all of us.I see darkness for USA if we keep hating each other’s and love can con our us as a nation. All is up to us.

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