Strange Sounds Continue Baffling People Around the World. Prepare For The Apocalypse!


Strange Sounds continue to ring around the world…

Baffling residents and officials… But do you know where these mysterious noises come from?

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Strange Sounds continue baffling people and officials around the world.

1. Strange Sounds from Oregon

This footage was made from in the skies of Hillsboro, Oregon. The uploader wondered if the noises were ‘extra terrestrials’, some ‘secret government project’ or an audio hallucination:

What do you think?

2. Strangford Lough residents Baffled by Mysterious Humming, Ireland

What did cause a strange humming sound around Strangford Lough on November 9, 2019?

According to baffled villagers, the weird noise lasted more than three hours and some even reporting the hum during the whole night. Here a recording of that mysterious humming noise:

The cause? Belfast Telegraph

3. Strange and Unexplained Noises Heard at Haunted Raleigh’s Theatre in the Park, North Carolina

The sounds got louder and louder and went on for about 20 minutes. We convinced ourselves that someone had broken in because the sounds were so loud.

We have a young boy that inhabits this space. We’ve seen him.” The cast and crew have seen the little boy in the front of the building and in front of stairwells.

There have been reports of strange and unexplained noises and wind that blows through, despite the building being sealed. “There’s no way a breeze could have blown through.

So what’s up there? ABC11

4. Mysterious Sound From Underground Panics Residents in India

Panicked residents of Ayyangeri and Bhagamandala villages in India flew from their houses after having heard some weird noises coming out of the ground after heav rains on October 27, 2019.

Officials say it is due to a raging underwater stream. It should always sound like this if it really were, no? Deccan Herald

5. Little Poor Thing 🙂

A suspicious sounds lead to owl rescue in Plaistow, New Hampshire. A barred owl was rescued from a chimney at a Plaistow residence last week.

It appears the owl had attempted to escape, but was unable to grip the clay tiles.

Fortunately, the Bouviers never use the chimney so the owl was never threatened by smoke.

The poor thing,” Bouvier said. Union Leader

Either help screams or unexplained mysteries, Strange Sounds are just announcing something bad… Always be prepared for the worse.

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