Hundred Thousands Acres of Farmland Remain Underwater After Historic Missouri River Floods While Hundreds of Chemical-Filled Containers Start Appearing on its Shores


That is just so sad and devastating!

Eight months after the historic Missouri River flooding, hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland are still underwater, over 740 chemical filled containers start appearing along its shores… And here we go again next spring.

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Hundreds of containers containing chemical substances appear along the shores after the Missouri River floods. Picture by Missouri Department of Natural Resources via Desmoines Register

In March 15, 2019, heavy snowfall and low temperatures in the Midwestern United States were topped by a late bomb cyclone.

The combined effect produced heavy flooding along the Missouri River and its tributaries throughout Nebraska and Iowa.

And as shown in the video below, some parts of the Midwest have not recovered yet:

But according to this next video, farmers are optimistic for 2020 despite continued flooding:

But as of November 18, 2019, flood warnings continue for the Missouri River in KMAland, affecting Fremont, Otoe, Atchison, Nemaha, Holt and Richardson Counties.

And it doesn’t seem to stop! Some areas in the Missouri River Basin have seen precipitation at 300% of normal. And this wet pattern seems to stay until the into 2020 first flood forecasts. Falling snow isn’t going to improve current matters. So this is not welcome news… And I wouldn’t be so optimistic for 2020.

Meanwhile more than 740 orphaned small to big containers are appearing along the banks of the Missouri River after months of record flooding.

These tanks contain pesticides and other farming chemicals such as ammonia and diesel fuel.

Officials recommend to leave containers untouched – because they could explode – and to call the Environmental Emergency Response Hotline at (573) 634-2436 if you spot one.

While UK food prices are starting to rise due to the recent flooding, we should expect the same for the U.S. consumers in 2020. And if flooding continues as forecast, then food shortage and skyrocketing prices will become a new normal. Be prepared!

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  1. Containers could explode if touched? Seriously? What kind of moron believes this crap? Probably the same folks that think the world is flat…

  2. AW,I’am a farmer,I SEE THE CHEMTRAIL AIRPLANES flying over our country,BUT I’am to stupid to put together, FLOODS AND MILITARY in one sentenace,THE AIR FORCE WEATHER CONTROL has never been used on america.. we’ll never believe criminals are running our government,WHY we lick their butt evey chance we get,THEY LOVE US….

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