Fukushima Liquidators Are Real


The robotic equipment failed. So they sent up humans for 4 days to finish the job.

Tepco needs a serious review over the initial dismantling plan for Fukushima.

fukushima radiation workers
Fukushima: Tepco sends workers to repair where robots failed. High radiation. Picture via Twitter Video

Some weird stuff is happening at the TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant right now. While Japan has decided to drop radioactive water in the ocean, Tepco sent humans to repair where robots failed.

On December 3, workers were sent to the top of the exhaust stack (about 110 meters high) standing beside the Unit 1 and 2 buildings to finish cutting a cylinder body with an electric tool after the robotic infrastructure failed.

The workers at the top of 110-m high Fukushima Dai-ichi vent stack were exposed to an estimated 810 μSv, making this action an emergency response.

But officials first said radiation would not be above 300 μSv:

According to TEPCO, the workers cut 1.1 meters out of the remaining 1.3 meters. The work resumed on Dec. 4 early morning due to forecast of strong winds.

Within the six hours of work, the workers were wearing masks covering their entire face to protect them from radioactive substances. According to officials, they were exposed to a maximum dose of 0.47 mSv.

The cylinder body of the exhaust pipe will be cut into 2-4 meter pieces at a time and should be halved around next March (60 meters). Let’s hope that the robotic saw blade will not fail again!

Meanwhile Fukushima radiation dust is still coming in… And that’s not good for the Olympic Games 2020:

[Tokyo NP]

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