Beachgoers Swim in Toxic Foam in Chennai (Video)


Would you also swim in this foamy water?

It might seem fun, but it’s highly toxic!

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Toxic foam engulfs Chennai popular beach after storm. Picture via Youtube video

India is already well-known for its burning lake Bellandur in Bengalore.

But a few days ago, residents of Chennai, India were seen jumping and playing in white foam that engulfed a popular beach after an offshore storm.

The strange phenomenon baffled and amused visitors to Chennai’s Pattinampakkam beach.

Despite official warnings and thinking the ocean foam – actually accompanied by a smell of putrefaction – was natural, children and adults continued to play and take pictures.

Now, it seems that this putrid foam is highly toxic, a mixture of detergents, phosphates and wastewater.

And that’s really bad for your health! Doctors say playing in it could cause skin irritation and other issues. Ingestion could cause digestive ailments.

Ocean foam is a common phenomenon during the monsoon after heavy rain, when the winds are swift and swirly.

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