Another Winter Storm Is Headed For North California! Please Plan Accordingly


Another winter storm is headed for Norcal!

And I thought winter wasn’t until Dec 21st?

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Another winter storm is forecast for Norcal on Dec. 6-8. Get ready! Picture via NWS

Since the end of November, the western coast of the U.S. was engulfed by a continuous series of winter storms. Like one after the other…

After the recent bombogenesis and the following two atmospheric rivers that brought heavy snow in Northern and Southern California, it seems that a strong winter storm is going to hit NorCal again, adding several feet of snow to what has already fallen in the area.

Yes, after a dry day Thursday, another storm will slam the Bay Area this weekend (Dec. 6-8) and dump additional snow in the Lake Tahoe area.

The next winter storm will impact traffic from Dec 6-8 as heavy snow is forecast for elevations above 6000-6500 ft.

High winds and temperatures to be within +/-5 degrees or so of their seasonal average are also in the forecast.

Heavy rain is expected for the Valley (1-3 inches), W Slope Sierra (4-6 inches), and Shasta County (>7 inches). The Valley and W Slope Sierra foothills could see thunderstorms with small hail Sunday.

Just plan your weekend and travels according to this new NorCal winter storm. [SFChronicle, Yubanet]

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