It’s snowing on the First Day of Summer in Australia – Up to 1 Foot of Fresh Snow


It’s the first week of summer and rather than sunshine and heat, it’s snowing.

Many parts of Victoria have shivered through a cold and wet start to the hotter months, with snow blanketing the alps and leaving Victorian’s reaching for their winter woollies.

Heavy snowfall in the Victoria Alps, Australia on second day of SUMMER - up to a FOOT of snow overnight
Heavy snowfall in the Victoria Alps, Australia on second day of SUMMER – up to a FOOT of snow overnight. Picture via Sott

Falls Creek and The Hotham Alpine Resort in Victoria and Perisher Ski Resort in New South Wales all saw significant dumps of snow this morning, with falls of between 5.9 inches (15 cm) to 11.8 inches (30 cm) recorded.

We have had over 9,4 inches (25 cm) of snow overnight, and it is still going, we did think about reopening, but we thought we might leave this one to the locals, to get the last turns in for 2019,” Grace Smith from Falls Creek said.

From Mt Hotham to Mt Buller, temperatures plummeted to -3°C overnight as a strong cold front crosses Australia’s south east.

Tourists visiting Mount Donna Buang – about 80kms east of Melbourne – had to battle snow and icy winds, with one holiday maker likening it to current weather back home in Europe.

In Melbourne, temperatures sat around 14°C – making it the coldest day since early October.

Sydneysiders were a little bit luckier, with temperatures hovering around 21°C, which is about two degrees colder than average.

Beach lovers can rejoice as the cold weather will not last long with the mercury looking to soar from tomorrow, peaking at 32°C on Thursday.

Just about 10 days ago, Australia temperature forecasts were just the opposite, with the country experiencing a record heatwave. Climate chaos underway! [9News]

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  1. Is the power and heat off in South Australia? Hopefully, enough people get angry enough, that your crap ruling class has to run for cover. Long way off in Canada.

    Anyone want to donate to my project of building a coal fired mobile super charger for Teslas? We would drive around and roughly jam their own hypocrisy straight up their own arses sideways. While charging them usurious rates to get their “cars” moving again…

  2. solar grand minimum is more likely. there is always climate chaos. life is chaos. it is about to get really cold and with longer winters. we can see it already as winter seems to be coming earlier and lasting longer these last few yrs.

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