Mysterious Red-Orange Flash In The Skies Over Bethel, Ohio Remains Unexplained


And all of a sudden, the night sky over Bethel, Clermont County, Ohio, became red and orange.

But the origin of this strange flash in the skies is still a mystery.

So what were the mysterious flash lights in the sky over Bethel, Ohio?

The story starts when a father and his daughter were taking the trash out Sunday evening at their Bethel home.

As they were crossing the front-house garden, the girl made like ‘Dad! Look at the light in the sky! What is that?’

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Bethel, Ohio mysterious flash of light on January 12, 2020. Picture via Facebook video

Then, completely baffled, the father set the trashcan down and watching the sky said something like ‘What the heck is that?’”

The color of this mysterious bright flash was red and orange with a little pink and purple too.

The video shows the sky coloring very suddenly like dusk, fireworks or lightning, but the weird phenomenon wasn’t associated with any sounds.

The family first thought it could have been an explosion. The father was in the military and says such bright lights are similar to what you could see and experience in the military.

Here another footage of the same bright flash in the sky:

So what caused the flash in the sky over Ohio?

Clermont County Emergency Management and Bethel police had no explanations, but received plenty of reports about the flash.

Duke Energy spokeman says that 584 customers lost power for two minutes just before 7 p.m. Sunday, but crews drove that line today and have found no issues.

A meteor would flash above the clouds rather than below and the nearest lightning strike was hundreds of miles away. What about a transformer explosion, DUKE? Are you lying to us?

So as of now, what this flash in the sky of Bethel, Ohio is and remains a mystery. More similar headlines on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [Fox19Now]

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  1. What I saw out my bedroom window was reddish orange, relatively bright accompanied by an explosion that did not match the flash. I didn’t directly SEE it but the sound was clearly close, almost a block away. I immediately went over to my window to look out and there was nothing out there. The time was about 3:40 am PT 2 weeks ago from today’s date 9/26/22

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