Heavy Snowfall Hits Petra and Southern Jordan, Prompting School Closures


Heavy snowfall in southern Jordan led to road and school closures last Monday and Tuesday.

The very cold weather will last until Friday in the western part of the Kingdom, which could experience strong winds, heavy flooding and dangerous thunderstorms into the weekend.

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Heavy snowfall in Jordan in January 2020. Picture via Youtube video

The Education Ministry cancelled all classes on Tuesday in Southern Jordan after snowfall videos showing children waiting in the cold appeared on social media and drew public criticism.

Petra witnessed heavy snowfall early in the morning, but the archeological site remained open to tourists as usual.

The polar air mass actually affected the whole Kingdom of Jordan, but the south was the most affected part, prompting officials to close several roads.

Tafileh and Karak in particular witnessed heavy snowfall, with snow accumulating on roads, hills and residential areas.

After a day of rest on Wednesday, colder temperatures will return to Jordan on Thrusday and Friday, bringing strong north-westerly winds, heavy rainfall and thunderstorms in the west of the Kingdom.

If you live in Jordan, I wouldn’t take a drive on those slippery roads. Find similar headlines on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [Jordan Times]

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