Millions of Americans Brace for Flooding, Tornadoes and Crippling Ice as Severe Storms Continue on the U.S. East Coast – At Least 8 dead


Everyone should be on high alert, as this type of system is rare for January.

A system of this magnitude is more common in the spring, when we typically see dangerous tornado outbreaks. Yes, we are plagued by unseasonal severe weather!

severe weather usa january 11-12 2020, Millions of Americans brace for tornadoes, flooding, strong rains and crippling ice as severe storms continue in the eastern half of the country - Southeast, Midwest and eventually the Northeast - from now into early next week
Millions of Americans brace for tornadoes, flooding, strong rains and crippling ice as severe storms continue in the eastern half of the country – Southeast, Midwest and eventually the Northeast – from now into early next week.

While Iceland is being hit by an explosive bombogenesis in the North Atlantic, some severe and already deadly extreme weather is bearing down on the eastern half of the United States, threatening millions of Americans with dangerous winds and tornadoes in the South and potentially extreme rains, crippling snow and ice in the Midwest through the weekend.

At least eight people died in the South from Friday night into Saturday morning as a result of severe storms.

Moreover, hundreds of flights have been canceled or delayed at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on Saturday, as the city faced wintry precipitation and strong winds.

The storms will primarily hit the Southeast, Midwest and eventually the Northeast from now into early next week.

Here’s how regions could be affected:

Severe storms and tornadoes in the South and parts of the Midwest

Severe storms will hit the central US and the South, impacting the entire Mississippi River and Ohio River Valleys.

Several tornadoes already have been reported in Louisiana and more are possible Saturday throughout the Southeast.

Heavy rain and strong winds were pounding parts of the South on Saturday morning, downing power lines along the way.

More than 250,000 homes and businesses were without power in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky by 9 a.m. ET, according to

The storms have killed at least three people in northwestern Louisiana and in overall eight in the South.

Flood warnings and watches were in effect in many states the long line of storms is hitting Saturday.

Strong, damaging winds are expected Saturday across the South – even well in advance of the storms.

Some storms also could produce large hail.

Crippling snow and ice, and strong winds in the North

Winter weather advisories have been issued in areas from Kansas to Michigan, with severe ice and snow in the forecast.

Snow, sleet and freezing rain are expected in parts of Oklahoma, eastern Kansas, Missouri, northern Illinois, eastern Iowa, southern Wisconsin and much of Michigan.

In Chicago, strong winds – including gusts over 50 mph – accompanied light snow and rain Saturday morning, canceling more than 700 flights to or from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and delaying more than 100 others. Sleet, freezing rain and snow are expected around the city throughout the day.

Dangerous ice storms in Michigan

Parts of Michigan could see anywhere from one-half inch to 1 inch of ice. Other areas could see anywhere from a light glaze to a half inch of ice.

Ice storms can be extremely dangerous.

The amount of ice forecast for Michigan could bring down trees and power lines, which could cause widespread power outages.

Electricity could be out for days, with temperatures below freezing. Ice storms can also cause deadly travel conditions, worse than even a foot of snow. Four-wheel drive vehicles and trucks are no match for the kind of ice that is forecast.

This January storm for U.S. and Canada is an absolute beast with rain, ice, snow, flooding, thunderstorms, huge hail and tornado. You name, you have it. Keep safe! More similar headlines on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. Thanks [NTD]

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