Deadly Outbreak of Dengue Fever Across South East Asia Hampers Coronavirus Detection – More Than 100 Dead and 16,000 Infected in Indonesia


Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines have only reported relatively few virus cases, although close to China…

Now, scientists warn that some Covid-19 cases are being missed due to the simultaneous outbreak of Dengue fever which has already killed 100 and infected 16,000 in Indonesia.

deadly dengue fever outbreak in Indonesia, A deadly outbreak of Dengue Fever is currently hitting Indonesia and other South East Asian countries hampering the detection of coronavirus cases, A deadly outbreak of Dengue Fever is currently hitting Indonesia and other South East Asian countries hampering the detection of coronavirus cases march 2020
A deadly outbreak of Dengue Fever is currently hitting Indonesia and other South East Asian countries hampering the detection of coronavirus cases. Picture: The Jakarta Post/Seto Wardhana

A team of Singapore-based doctors said the dengue outbreaks in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines could complicate efforts to battle Covid-19.

As shown in the new paper, Dengue and coronavirus disease 2019 are difficult to distinguish because they have shared clinical and laboratory features.

The paper describes two patients in Singapore with false-positive results for dengue, who were later confirmed to be infected by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the causative virus of COVID-19.

The video below features the similar story of a Thai retail worker who was being treated for dengue fever and later infected with Covid-19 to finally die on Saturday:

Dengue Fever Outbreak in Indonesia

This comes after Indonesia reported a sharp rise in coronavirus cases, its first coronavirus death today, and more than 100 dead and 16,100 infected linked to the simultaneous outbreak of Dengue Fever on March 10, 2020.

Most deaths occurred in Christian-majority East Nusa Tenggara province (at least 32 fatalities), while West Java (also hit yesterday by destructive earthquake) and East Java have also reported a high number of deaths.

The worst hit categories are:

  • 5-14 at 41.72%
  • 15-44 at 37.25%

During the last major Dengue outbreak in 2016, there were only 620 infected and 13 deaths over the same time period.

This year, the patients have skyrocketed, most probably due to poor drainage and sanitation problems, both in cities and villages.

Or as presented in the scientific paper above, these people mostly die from the coronavirus… What do you think about this theory? More news about the coronavirus pandemic on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [The Lancet, UCA News, Independent]

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