Violent Bomb Cyclone Explodes Off U.S. East Coast Generating Hurricane-Force Winds and Gigantic Waves


A rapidly intensifying bombogenesis is developing along the US East Coast.

The system generated violent hurricane-force winds around the core and major waves offshore.

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Violent bomb cyclone off US east coast on March 7 2020.

The central pressure of this storm system plunged more than 40 millibars from Friday morning (1004mb at 7am) to early Saturday (959mb by 3am). Kaboom!

That’s more than enough to satisfy the criteria for explosive cyclogenesis (central pressure drop of at least 24 millibars in 24 hours).

Fortunately, the powerful bomb cyclone stayed off the US coast.

The track of the bombogenesis was far enough east to prevent it from bringing significant impacts to most of the Northeast, except parts of southeastern New England, where high winds and snow was reported.

The National Weather Service issued high wind warnings for Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket into Saturday morning.

A wind gust of 66 mph was reported early Saturday on Nantucket and trees have come down on parts of Cape Cod.

But look at this amazing speed on the radar map below: 126 mph!

That’s similar to a Category 3 hurricane!

Bomb cyclone engulfs US east coast with hurricane winds, Bomb cyclone engulfs US east coast with hurricane winds video, Bomb cyclone engulfs US east coast with hurricane winds picture
Bomb cyclone engulfs US east coast with hurricane winds. Picture:

However, the core of the low-pressure system will whizz past Newfoundland tomorrow evening, likely creating another record-breaking blizzard with violent winds and heavy snowfall across the island.

Just a reminder, in January 2020, another bombogenesis blizzard hit Newfoundland, Canada! And it rewrote the storm history of the Canadian island. More extreme weather events on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [SWE]

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