The Most Famous Modern Conspiracy Theories

most famous conspiracy theories
most famous modern conspiracy theories

The world today is full of conspiracy theories that still captivate the minds of people. There are several of them that when your professor asks you to write an essay on one, it may be difficult for you.

But lucky enough, you can buy college research paper about conspiracy theories. Nonetheless, here are some of the bizarre and wildest conspiracy theories that we have, take a look.

Area 51

This stands out as the most popular conspiracy theory in the modern world. The famous Area 51 is a military installation that is at the Nellis Military Operation Area. The secretive military base is a myth to many because it seems not to exist. You cannot find a trace of it on any map or government website.

Many people believe that the US military is conducting experiments and research on extraterrestrial beings and alien spacecraft. Others believe that these alien beings and the spacecraft are from the Roswell accident in New Mexico that happened in 1947.

On the contrary, the US government says the facility is for testing experimental military aircraft. This global conspiracy will linger on for a long time to come but you be the judge on what you think happens at this secretive military site.

The Kennedy Assassination

The death of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, is an event that is now one of the famous conspiracy theories in the world. Two bullets hit the president while he was riding in a motorcade with his wife in Dallas, Texas. He died at the age of 46.   

The Warren commission believes that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone but some people believe there is more to the story than catches the eye.

Some believe that the CIA is the major suspect and Oswald acted under their orders. Some people believe that the CIA was not happy with President Kennedy’s approach to communism.

However, a scientist based at IMSG has shown that Oswald is the one who killed the president.

 Bigfoot sightings

Each year there are numerous Bigfoot sightings across the United States of America with the highest number of sightings coming from Washington State.

To date, the number of sightings stands at about 2,032. The conspiracy theory about this mythical creature has been around for a long time and some people believe that Bigfoot exists.  

Some people believe that Bigfoot is wild and vicious, so people should fear it while others believe that it is a calm and gentle creature. Another theory states that Bigfoot or Sasquatch is a close relative of humans because it walks on two legs, while others believe that it is an extraterrestrial.

In 1958, Ray Wallace claimed to have found the footprints of this creature. After he died in 2002, his children said that it was all a prank. Conspiracy theories are good topics for essays and if you want help with your essay, contact Essay Zoo and see what they can do for you.

5G and Corona Virus

The Novel coronavirus is ravaging the whole globe and it is affecting many people from all walks of life. There is a lot of misinformation on how the virus is spreading and this is fuelling one of the popular conspiracy theories in recent times.

Some people believe that a 5G network is a tool for spreading the virus. What is amazing is that this theory should be easy to demystify because biological organisms cannot spread through the electromagnetic spectrum.

The rapid roll-out of the 5G network is playing a huge role in driving this theory because it was happening as the pandemic was starting to hit the world.

The World Health Organization states a virus cannot travel on mobile networks and they support this claim by showing how the virus is spreading in countries that do not have the 5G network.

This conspiracy theory has led to mobile network towers being set on fire in some European countries.

covid19 conspiracies
covid19 conspiracies

Bill Gates and Corona Virus

Conspiracy theorists have found a way to involve Bill Gates with their theories about the COVID-19 pandemic. Bill Gates is world-famous for his contribution to technology but since the turn of the year, his name is being shed in a bad light.

Some people think he is behind the creation and spread of the novel coronavirus. They believe that he had prior knowledge that this pandemic would hit the world.

Another conspiracy theory states that Bill Gates has a scheme to vaccinate the whole world and that the coronavirus is his tool to achieve this goal.

There is talk of using a vaccination program to implant every person in the world with an electronic microchip that will help to track and control the world’s population.

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It is difficult to imagine a world without conspiracy theories. They spice up our lives a little bit as we hear or read about them. You have to take caution and do not fall for their lies. Take time and find out the truth about any theory you come across. This will help you stay informed and know the truth.

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  1. Première guerre mondiale= Développement de la Radio Onde courtes etc.. et antennes un peu partout dans le monde = Développement d’une allergie de défense chez certains humains: l’EXOSOME qui se traduit alors par la “grippe espagnole”
    Deuxième guerre mondiale jusqu’à la guerre froide = Développement des radars de plus en plus puissant et même les premiers en orbite terrestre = Développement d’une allergie de défense chez certains humains: l’EXOSOME qui se traduit alors par la “grippe de Hong Kong”
    Mise en place de l’arme scalaire 5G sur l’ensemble de la planète, première zone la plus développée: Wuhan en Chine = Développement d’une allergie de défense chez certains humains: l’EXOSOME qui se traduit alors par la “grippe Corona”
    L’être humain est un avatar vibratoire électromagnétiquement comme électriquement pour le cœur et l’encéphale, des perturbations vibratoires extérieures mènent à un désordre intérieur !
    Un Exosome n’est pas un virus et l’appellation GRIPPE est un fabuleux MENSONGE.

  2. Interesting article. I have been researching things for the past 60 years. First I must first admit that I have over the years been deceived by experts and novices alike. It’s a learning process. The first thing I look for are original sources. Bible? Get into the Hebrew and Greek. History? Ask who is writing it and why? Science? Weigh the evidence like you would in a court room. Watch out for the shysters’ who want to sell you something. People who claim to have secret knowledge, gifts of prophecy, or have dreams or visions. They are almost always fake. Angles of Darkness always show up wearing white. There is only one Truth. That Truth is Jesus Christ. Remember, always look up the original Hebrew and Greek. It’s sad to say, but just about everything out of the pulpit or Christian Book Store can not be trusted. Only Jesus Christ can be trusted.

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