The Most Mysterious Books in The History of Mankind


What is the strangest book you have ever read?

Here a compilation of some of the most mysterious books around the world.

Mysterious books around the world, mysterious books, strange books
The strangest and most mysterious books around the world.

There are strange and mysterious books that exist in the world today.

The purpose of these books is incomprehensible and only the authors know the reasons for writing them.

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Voynich Manuscript

This is a botanical text from the 15th century. This book is full of drawings of various herbs, animals, naked people, maps, and astrology.

It is one of the mysterious books in the world and there is still a lot about the content of this book that people do not understand.

The author used a code to write the book and no one has been successful in deciphering it. Professors and code-breakers have also not been successful in cracking the code.

Some people believe that this book may have been for medicinal use but there is no evidence to support this claim.

Others believe that this book came from afar away galaxy, while others think that it may be a witch’s notebook.

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Codex Seraphinus

This mysterious book is the work of an Italian artist called Luigi Serafini. It took him thirty months to complete writing the book.

The Codex Seraphinus is one of the most mysterious books in history because of its strange content. The book has 360 pages that are full of mysterious codes and images. The images are of strange imaginary creatures and flowers.

The book also contains images of weird metamorphoses that are out of this world.

This encyclopedia of a fantasy world has one particular image that stands out. It is a strange picture of a male and a female having sex and then metamorphosing into an alligator.

The chapters in this book cover weird explanations about many things in physics, history, and biology. There is a whole chapter that is full of weird alien text.

Rohonc Codex

We have little information about this 448-page book. This manuscript has illustrations of an imaginary world and it first surfaced in the 19th century in Hungary in a city called Rohonc.

The book puzzles everyone that comes across it because no one knows who wrote it, where they wrote it from, and what the purpose of the book is.

The strange alphabet used in the book also contributes to making it one of the most mysterious books in the world.

Apart from the strange writings, the book also contains a lot of illustrations. These illustrations seem to depict different religious symbols from Christianity, Hinduism, and even Islam.

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Mysterious books around the world, mysterious books, strange books
Mysterious books around the world

The Book of Soyga

The Book of Soyga is one of the most mysterious books to ever exist. The book originates in the 16th century and it was last owned by John Dee. The book went missing for a couple of centuries before resurfacing in 1994 at the British Museum.

This book contains content about angels, demons, astrology, performing magic, and spells.

John Dee was unable to decipher some of the tables in the book. He tried to talk to angels and ask for help in understanding the book but was not successful.

The book contains 18 pages of unsystematic letters that no one has been able to decipher to this date.

Some people say there is a curse that will befall anyone that solves the mystery of this book. People believe that whoever cracks this book will die within two and a half years.

The Smithfield Decretals

This book is a creation of Pope Gregory IX. It was a common book back then but today it ranks amongst the weirdest books of all time. The book is full of weird and bizarre illustrations that have helped to catapult this book to get mystical status.

Some of the strange drawings in this book depict scenes of bears struggling with unicorns, homicidal giant bunnies, and mysterious human and animal practices.

We do not know what the inspiration for writing this book was, but the book gives us more questions than answers. Remember if you are a student, you can order pre-written essays on any topic from writing services.

The purpose of books is to educate us, inform us, and entertain us. But as you can now see, not all books are comprehendible. The books in this article are mysterious and indecipherable. Most of the content seems to be from an imaginary world and the text is unreadable too. Let’s hope that in the near future computers will be able to help us understand the message in these books.

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