Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Sound System for the Stadium

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How to choose a sound system for a stadium. Picture: Made In China

If you wish to make some investment in the new audio and visual in your stadium then you definitely need to take it seriously. It is obvious that the video system would be the most lucrative thing, but it would not be able to steal the thunder if the stadium sound system is not that.

The sound system of the stadium or live event hall has a great role to enrich the people’s experience, encourage crowd enthusiasm, and to render some significant safety instructions.

However, the sound system of all the stadiums is not similar. Some stadium owner just installs the sound system and never look back at how it is working, but one needs to keep several important things by comparing various sound systems by using diligence.

While installing or even while planning to upgrade the stadium sound system, comparing different venues is important. You might have seen how some of the best NBA announcers sound incredible whether you are sitting in the stadium or even watching the game on the TV.

A similar experience cannot be expected from a college basketball stadium or other similar stadiums. Well, the budget assuredly seems the main issue for many stadium owners, but they’re also some other crucial things that need to be considered while choosing a sound system for the system.


This is the first thing that needs to be considered while choosing the sound system for the stadium. Intelligibility means a proportion of how well a normal audience can recognize and appreciate sounds.

This may appear to be optional at the first glance but it is very crucial. Apparently, it very well may be observationally estimated utilizing various norms, basically STIPA (Speech Transmission Index for Public Address). STIPA is a measurement that is used worldwide to test this significant factor of intelligibility.

Not only it is crucial for the high-quality sound system, but it can also be very crucial when it comes to life-security instructions. As we said earlier, the stadium sound system, in emergency circumstances, can be used to announce emergency instructions. For instance, in case of fire or other such events in the stadium.

Now for such reasons, one needs to make sure that the stadium sound system may reach 0.50-0.55 minimum on the STI, it can go higher when needed. Such a dynamic and unique reach sound system can enhance the viewer experience.

It also helps to attract the crowd towards the advertisement you are showing on the screen during the break time.


Regardless of what your purpose for installing a new system, you must ensure that it has loudness. This is important because even a new person in the stadium would notice the loudness of the sound.

We don’t listen and observe sounds in a vacuum, but we hear them by comparing it with other various sounds. The loudness of the sound is measured in dB SPL (decibels of sound pressure level). And this must be at least 10.

Most NBA stadiums have a sound system with more than 100 dB SPL so, the best NBA announcers can reach the whole stadium. You need to decide this factor after consulting the sound engineers. They will suggest the perfect balance according to the structure of the stadium. Such


Once you are done with the aforementioned two important things, coverage of the sound system needs your attention. The sound may reach the people sitting near the speakers or the front rows clearly, but fans sitting in the corner should not be forgotten.

So, the sound system should be able to cover all the parts of the stadium and the quality should be the same at each seat in the arena. There should not be dead spots here.

Again, the role of sound designers and sound engineers is very important here. They may distribute the sound system in each corner. Speakers are set around the arena and render the sound that comes from the main source.

This sound designing system may be expensive than other sound systems, but if your purpose is not satisfied without full coverage then, investing more money will always bring your more RTI.


Frequency is another crucial thing that is very important while installing a sound system in the stadium. The low frequency generated a great bass while high sound could be the result of the top frequencies. In the ideal setting for the clarity of the speech, combinations of frequencies are needed.

So, it is very important to make sure that the stadium sound system would be able to render all its functions according to the event and the crowd expectations.

Whether there is a live concert or a basketball match or even live speech, the dynamic frequencies of the sound system must be optimized to provide all solutions.

So, the setup of the video system at the stadium will be the first attraction for the fans but the sound system is the backbone that keeps the crowd engaged. Make sure to invest smartly and by comparing different needs of yours and the fans.

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