Trapped in the Volcano: How the Cruise of a Lifetime Turned Into a Deadly Nightmare

In December 2019, the Ovation of the Seas left Sydney bound for a 12-day trans-Tasman cruise to New Zealand.

But things quickly turned nightmarish…

Trapped in the volcano: How the cruise of a lifetime turned into a deadly nightmare
Trapped in the volcano: How the cruise of a lifetime turned into a deadly nightmare

The luxury holiday promised great entertainment and the opportunity to get up close to the country’s renowned natural beauty.

But things quickly turned nightmarish when a group of day-trippers and cruise ship passengers were trapped in the middle of a volcanic eruption.

47 people were inside the White Island volcano crater when it erupted.

21 were killed. 19 of them were from the Ovation of the Seas.

Four Corners investigates what tourists understood about the dangers of visiting New Zealand’s most active volcano and whether more could have been done to prevent the tragedy.

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  1. Visited New Zealand for a few months in 1970’s. Remember flying over the White Island. Unless I am mistaken White Island is owned by the Maori. They would be in charge of who get’s the tour contracts. I hear NZ has been taken over by the rich elitist’s and Hollywood crowd. Too bad. I considered moving to the South Island back in the 70’s. Loved the fly fishing.