Now Seriously? Extreme SUMMER Blizzard Engulfs Xinjiang, China Killing Hundreds of Livestock and Disturbing Traffic


Are you serious?

A powerful summer blizzard hit parts of northwest China, killing hundreds of livestock and stopping traffic in the mountains.

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Extreme summer blizzard in China kills more than 400 livestock in China. Picture via Youtube video

Herdsmen in Tekes County, northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region have endured heavy losses after Monday’s blizzard froze to death over 400 livestock animals across the county.

The snow also disrupted traffic in Nilka County of Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture. Over 400 tourists in 130 vehicles were either stranded in the Tangbra Mountain or on the Dushanzi-Kuche Highway, which runs through the Tianshan Mountain from its south end to north end.

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