Lightning Apocalypse: 2 Dead in Pennsylvania and One in Georgia, 315 Deaths in India, More Than 300,000 Strikes in 24 Hours Over Australia – The Sky Is Going Crazy

lightning apocalypse, lightning death
Lightning apocalypse around the world. Picture via Yahoo

Family walk ends tragically

A nine-year-old girl has died and her older sister is in the hospital after a lightning strike in Moultrie, Georgia on the 3rd of July.

The two sisters and their mom gathered under a wooden shelter to avoid the rain when the lightning struck a pine tree adjacent to them. The mother was not hurt. – WTXL

2 dead, 2 injured in Pennsylvania

Just 3 days, later, two people were found dead after being hit by lightning in Granville Township, Pennslyvania on Monday afternoon.

The bolt actually hit a total of 4 people that were under a large tree stand in an open field around 2 o’clock. The two people who survived were taken to Robert Packer Hospital and suffer heavy burns. – WENY

Woman hit by lightning at home

Another woman is still alive after being hit by a lightning while at home in Bellingham, Massachusetts.

The 23-year old woman was working from home in an enclosed porch out of her house. When she reached to turn on the light, the jolt sent her flying backwards.

All the sudden, I felt a huge boom, saw an extremely bright white light that has now affected my vision and I flew back,” she said. – AccuWeather

315 lightning deaths since May in India

Meanwhile in parts of India, people are being attacked by thunderstorms. Since May 15, lightning strikes have killed 315 in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

There were 26 deaths last Thursday in Bihar alone from such strikes (or flashes as they are called scientifically). Last Friday, 15 people were killed in lightning strikes in different districts of the state.

Most of the casualties are farmers and labourers who were doing agriculture-related work in fields. – Hindustan Times

Electric storm in Australia

Perth residents witnessed an amazing display from 22,000 lightning strikes off the coast as the weekend drew to a close, but those in the South West saw a cracking 313,000 strikes across all of Sunday.

Weatherzone meteorologist Tom Hough said cloud and ground strikes within 50 kilometres of Perth reached almost 22,000, and of those 250 were ground strikes mainly over the city.

The line of storms stretching from Bunbury up to Lancelin hit after 7pm, with 53,000 strikes recorded up to 100 kilometres away from Perth, of which “a large proportion would have been offshore”.

In the state’s south, lightning struck about 313,000 times within a 300-kilometre radius south of Mandurah, starting early Sunday morning.

Florida is the deadliest state for lightning strikes

Florida is only fourth as far as the overall frequency of lightning strikes, behind Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

But because Florida is packed with Harry Potter, Disney, Golf, and overall outdoor fun fans, lightning becomes more dangerous to its population.

According to National Weather Service, central Florida is the most dangerous area for lightning strikes. This is due to the opposing sea breezes from the East Coast and Gulf Coast.

The northeast and southwest winds collide right over the central region. And the water that surrounds Florida is warmest in July, making it the most dangerous month for storms and lightning strikes.

While Florida is referred to as the Sunshine State, it could also go by the name of electric reaper given its status as the deadliest state for lightning strikes. – Yahoo

9 cows killed by ligthning in Ireland

Meanwhile in Ireland:

But please keep in mind its Grand Solar Minimum right now… and such lightning deaths will continue to increase.

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