Signs in the Sky: Two Rare Red Rainbows Appear Over Finland and China (Video)


Are these signs of the Endtimes? Is somebody trying to protect us from something terrible ahead? Are these warnings from an impending disaster?

Two rare red rainbows suddenly appeared in the sky over China and Finland within 5 days. And that can’t be just a coincidence!

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Red rainbow in the sky of Finland. Picture: Instagram

It’s likely that you have seen a rainbow in the sky. It’s indeed quite common.

You may have even had the opportunity to see a double rainbow.

But, what about a red rainbow? Impossible as it may seem, red rainbows were recently sighted by a fisherman in Finland and a resident in China.

Aviv Junno, a fisherman in Finland, noticed the rainbow while fishing on his boat on Lake Paijanne — near Haukkasalo Island — on July 11, 2020.

Aviv Junno said the red appearance gave him “the creeps” so he went back home for the night.

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Red midnight rainbow ??

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Now, 5 days later another strange pinkish-red rainbow (double) appeared in the sky over China after a strong storm:

Amazing sky show, isn’t it?

Another blood rainbow appeared over Calgary in June 2020:

So what the heck is going on in our sky?

What are red rainbows?

Red rainbows are often formed when there is a low sun in the sky. 

Sunset and sunrise rays travel long paths through the lower atmosphere where they are scattered by air molecules and dust,” Les Cowley explained on his website Atmospheric Optics. “Short wavelength blues and greens are scattered most strongly leaving the remaining transmitted light proportionately richer in reds and yellows. The result, glorious sunsets and red rainbows.

Researchers from the National Center for Meteorological Research in Toulouse, France, studied hundreds of pictures of rainbows and found that during the sunset the width of the red band increases, decreasing the other colors typically found in a rainbow.

Signs of the endtimes?

In reality, the reasons for a crimson rainbow, or blood rainbow are more sinister in nature and can be normally threaten as bad supernatural omens.

Powerful demonic entities can create sanguine arcs without a normal rainbow to start with.

If you spot a red rainbow, I suggest leaving the area immediately like the Finnish fisherman, because nothing good is going on there. Well, let’s hope these strange and rare sightings are not additional signs warning of the incoming apocalypse across the world… [Instagram, Mystic Investigations, First Coast News]

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  1. Je me rappelle avoir vue un arc-en-ciel rouge chez moi à Baie-Comeau au Québec,Canada et c’était il y a environ 3 ans et ont est pas encore mort!

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