5-ton WW2 earthquake bomb explodes while being defused in Poland (video)

poland earthquake bomb explodes during defusing process video
The largest unexploded World War Two bomb ever found in Poland has detonated during the defusing process. Picture: public domain

The biggest World War Two bomb ever found in Poland exploded underwater on Tuesday, Oct. 13 as navy divers tried to defuse it.

The chance the bomb – at the bottom of a Baltic Sea shipping canal – would detonate had been put at 50-50 and all the divers were unharmed.

About 750 residents had been evacuated near the port city of Swinoujscie.

The RAF dropped the Tallboy or “earthquake” bomb in a raid in 1945 which sank the German cruiser Lützow.

Swinoujscie was part of Germany and called Swinemünde at the time of the bombardment.

The shock of the latest detonation was reportedly felt in parts of the city and a video shows the blast throwing up a large column of water into the air.

The bomb was 6m (19ft) long and weighed 5.4 tonnes, nearly half of which was its explosives.

The bomb was embedded at a depth of 12m and only its nose was sticking out.

Naval forces used a remote-controlled device to try to “deflagrate” the bomb – a technique that if successful burns the explosive charge without causing a detonation, the BBC’s Adam Easton reports from Warsaw.

The deflagration process turned into detonation. The object can be considered neutralised, it will not pose any more threat to the Szczecin-Swinoujscie shipping channel,” said Lt Cmdr Grzegorz Lewandowski, spokesman for the Polish Navy’s 8th Coastal Defence Flotilla.

All divers were outside the danger zone.

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  1. World WAR 3 is reshaping our futures?
    Turkey Threatens Armenia With Direct Military Intervention In Karabakh War
    As of October 13, clashes between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces continue in the southern part of the contested Nagorno-Karabakh region, while on the other parts of the frontline Baku and Yerevan limited their military activity to exchange of artillery and aerial strikes.

    The humanitarian ceasefire signed by the sides in Moscow formally remains in force, but the terms of the ceasefire are not fulfilled by both sides.

    The main point of instability is the town of Hadrut, which Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev announced to have been ‘liberated’ from ‘Armenian occupants’. However, Armenian forces apparently forgot to read his tweet and withdraw from the area. So, now, the Azerbaijani leader is forced to explain what’s going on.

    On October 12, he sated that a large group of Armenian special forces attacked the town to make a few selfies for Armenian propaganda, but the attack was repelled.

    “Although from a strategic point of view, it does not matter so much for Armenia. They just take such a step to go there and take a selfie or report to their population. The Azerbaijani Army neutralized this large group,” Aliyev stressed.

    The Armenian military says that the town is still in the hands of its forces, and that it has successfully repelled another Azerbaijani attack there.

    Turkey has been openly threatening Armenia with a joint Turkish-Azerbaijani advance if it does not surrender the contested Nagorno-Karabakh region to Azerbaijan. Meanwhile, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said that “Baku cannot wait for justice for another 30 years” claiming that “Turkey is ready to support the fair position of the Azerbaijani side.”

    According to Akar, if the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh is not resolved in the near future, then the next step will be “the Azerbaijani-Turkish movement aimed at returning their land.”

    Sources affiliated with Turkish-backed militant groups in Syria say that Ankara has been preparing a new deployment of militant groups’ members to Azerbaijan to support its war with Armenia. If the numbers of 1,500-2,000 fresh militants that are set to come to Azerbaijan are confirmed, this will not only make the estimated number of Turkish proxies deployed there from 4,000-6,000, but also confirm that Ankara is set to use its influence to motivate Azerbaijan to opt for the scenario of a further escalation.

    Likely, the Turkish leadership seems the war in Karabakh as an important turning point, which, in the event of military success, will turn into the leading power in the Southern Caucasus and give additional momentum to its geopolitical expansion. It will also boost the popularity of Recep Tayyip Erdogan that positions himself as the leader of the Turkic world and a de-facto Sultan of his own Neo-Ottoman Empire.

    According to the Armenian side, the Turkish military is already directly involved in the war. In particular, the presence of Turkish F-16s, Turkish special forces, military advisers and Turkish-backed Syrian militants in Azerbaijan are hardly deniable facts.

    It is interesting to observe how for example the main version from Turkish and Azerbaijani sources about the Turkish F-16 jets switched from public denial of their presence to claims that they are not involved directly in the conflict and are just needed to deter Armenian aggression. Reports from the ground and the diplomatic posture of the sides indicate that Azerbaijan, supported by Turkey, is preparing a new military push against Armenian forces in the Nagorno-Karabakh region to consolidate and expand its initial gains before the winter. Is there going to be soon a False Flag Operation by Turkey soon or one of NOV surprises?
    Please also visit Steve Denoon on Youtube he has new video about this as well.
    Disclaimer always apply

  2. Iran Lawmaker Says Rouhani Should Hang As Debate Rages On ‘Peace With Enemy’

    Maryam Sinaiee

    Attacks have escalated on President Hassan Rouhani for suggesting “peace with the enemy” based on the “will of the majority.” Mojtaba Zolnouri, Chairman of the Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Relations Committee, has said the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei should order Rouhani hanged “to satisfy the majority.”

    Zolnouri, who is a leading hardliner, was adding to the controversy that erupted after Rouhani at Wednesday’s cabinet evoked the example of Imam Hassan, the second Shiite Imam, who in 661AD made peace the Muslim Caliph Muawiyah.

    Addressing Rouhani in a tweet on Friday Zolnouri wrote: “You are saying Imam Hassan made peace with Muawiyah because the majority of people asked him to. The overwhelming majority of the people of Iran will accept nothing less than your dismissal and punishment. Using your logic, the Leader of the Revolution should order you to be hanged a thousand times to satisfy the people.”

    In Iran, the “peace of Imam Hassan” is evoked to justify concessions. Decisions on such issues lie with Khamenei, so there can be little doubt Rouhani’s analogy was for his ears as much as to speak in a public discussion. He appears to have succeeded.

    Zolnouri continued his attack on Saturday, saying he has collected 44 signatures from lawmakers for Rouhani’s impeachment but 11 MPs have changed their minds, since Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei had earlier said the government should stay to serve its full term until June 2021.

    An early reaction to Rouhani’s suggestion of talks, presumably with the United States, which Khamenei has generally prohibited, came from the editor of Kayhan newspaper, Hossein Shariatmadari, who called those suggesting talks “cowards.” A day after Rouhani’s remarks, Shariatmadari pointed out in an editorial that Rouhani’s remarks were over possible nuclear talks and amounted to “treachery.”. We are not yet in second OCT full moon?

    We ask never respond to ER calls from non- military ships with Iranian flags because these are traps to bring USA ship or ships hostages since November 4 is coming and is anniversary of terrorist regime of Iran taken 52 Americans in embassy hostages siege.

    After careful analysis that USA ship did respond to a an Iranian ship in Persian gulf , These are dry runs for greater attacks on USA ships. Please do not respond and let Arab nations help them instead.

  4. PARIS- A middle school history teacher in France was knifed to death near the school where earlier this month he had shown his pupils cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, considered blasphemous by Muslims, French officials said on Friday.
    The attacker was shot dead by a police patrol a few streets away from the scene of the attack late on Friday afternoon, in a residential suburb of north-west of Paris.
    “One of our fellow citizens was assassinated today because he was teaching, he was teaching pupils about freedom of expression,” French President Emmanuel Macron told reporters at the scene of the attack.
    “Our compatriot was flagrantly attacked, was the victim of an Islamist terrorist attack,” Macron said. “They won’t win… We will act. Firmly, And quickly. You can count on my determination.”
    The incident carried echoes of the attack five years ago on the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. It published caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed, unleashing divisions that are still casting a pall over French society.
    Friday’s killing, by targeting a teacher, was interpreted by many public figures as an attack on the essence of French statehood, with the values it espouses of secularism, freedom of worship, and freedom of expression.
    “This evening, it’s the Republic that’s under attack,” Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer wrote in a tweet.
    The victim of Friday’s attack sustained multiple knife wounds to the neck, according to a police representative. One law enforcement source said the teacher had been beheaded in the attack.
    French broadcaster BFMTV reported that the suspected attacker was 18 years old and born in Moscow. Law enforcement officials did not name the attacker, or his victim.
    A police source said that witnesses had heard the attacker shout “Allahu Akbar,” or “God is Greatest.”
    The attack took place in the street in front of the middle school where the victim worked, in the suburb of Conflans Sainte-Honorine. The area is a middle class neighborhood with many residents who commute to work in Paris.
    According to French media reports, the teacher who was killed had earlier this month shown pupils the cartoons as part of a civics lesson.
    A Twitter thread posted on Oct. 9 contained a video of a man who said his daughter, a Muslim, was one of the pupils in the class, and that she was shocked and upset by the teacher’s actions.
    The man in the video urged Twitter users to complain to the authorities and get the teacher removed from his post. Reuters was unable to independently verify the authenticity of the video.
    France has over the past years seen a series of violent attacks by Islamist militants, including the 2015 Charlie Hebdo killings, and bombings and shootings in November 2015 at the Bataclan theater and sites around Paris that killed 130 people.
    Less than a month ago, a man originally from Pakistan used a meat cleaver to attack and wound two people who were on a cigarette break outside the offices where Charlie Hebdo was based at the time of the 2015 attack.
    The issue of the cartoons had been revived last month when Charlie Hebdo decided to re-publish them to coincide with the start of the trial of accomplices in the 2015 attack.
    Al-Qaeda, the militant Islamist group that claimed responsibility for those killings, threatened to attack Charlie Hebdo again after it republished the cartoons.
    The magazine said last month it published to assert its right to freedom of expression, and to show it would not be cowed into silence by violent attacks. That stance was backed by many prominent French politicians and public figures.
    Reacting to Friday’s attack outside the school, Charlie Hebdo wrote on its Twitter account: “Intolerance has crossed a new threshold and does not seem to give ground to anything in imposing its terror on our country.”
    This is not Islam , we ask all to Ayateh Maki and Ayateh Medina
    books be read and decide for yourself.
    Disclaimer Apply always

  5. World WAR 3 is reshaping our world. Before i put link what was wrong with Joe Biden he said Go bless our troops at his speech today he never said God Bless America. Something wrong and i have monitored all news always they say God Bless America.
    What a shame on you Joe Biden. We ask Donald Trump make sure he does say God Bless America always?
    Emergency News IRAN WORLD WAR 3 ?
    MEK Claims Iran Is Preparing Nuclear Weapons At New Site

    Iran is currently building nuclear weapons east of Tehran, the exiled National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCR), which is linked to the Mujahideen-e Khalq (MEK), claimed on Friday during an online press conference from its Washington office.

    Alireza Jafarzadeh, an NCR representative, said that a body called the Organization for New Defense Research (SPND) had expanded its work since Iran’s 2015 nuclear agreement with world powers (known as the JCPOA, Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) limiting its atomic program.

    Jafarzadeh said that the SPND, which he claimed oversees weaponization, was active at new site in Sorkheh Hessar, east of Tehran, under the supervision of a Revolutionary Guard commander he named as Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. Jafarzadeh displayed aerial images of this alleged new site, and of a second site at Khojir, near Sorkheh Hessar, that he said was producing ballistic missiles.

    The images of Sorkheh Hessar showed a compound that has expanded since 2012 and which, according to Jafarzadeh, now houses SPND-affiliated groups, which he alleged had conducted underground nuclear tests, registering the impact of explosions in the same way, he said, as tests conducted in Semnan in 2000. Jafarzadeh said the facility uses ground-penetrating radars and CG-5 gravity meters purchased under another country’s name and secretly transported to Iran.

    Jafarzadeh spoke in detail about what he claimed were former nuclear sites, including one called Marivan in Abadeh, a town in Fars province. which he said was destroyed by the IRGC in July 2019 to hide evidence of nuclear weaponization tests. Jafarzadeh insisted that the two suspected sites near Tehran and Shahreza in Isfahan Province, which the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) recently visited, had also been cleared before IAEA inspections.

    The NCR allegations coincide with the final weeks of the presidential election in the United States. President Donald Trump has argued the United Nations Security Council should reimpose UN sanctions on Iran for breaching the enrichment limits of the 2015 nuclear deal, and evidence of any secret activities might strengthen his case.

    At the press conference, Sona Samsami, the NCR representative in the US, criticized the European signatories of the JCPOA, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. “After the revelation of major nuclear sites of Natanz and Arak by the exiled National Council of Resistance of Iran in August 2002 the appeasement policy of western countries allowed the regime to accelerate its drive to acquire nuclear weapons even while they were negotiating with Europe,” Samsami said.

    “Our revelation today once again proves the fact the JCPOA did not stop the mullahs’ activities to acquire nuclear weapons,” she said. Samsami urged the international community to prevent Iran from acquiring atomic weapons and emphasized that its goal should be “regime change.”

    The IAEA on September 30 said it had inspected the second of two suspected nuclear sites in Iran, as agreed with Tehran in August. The agency did not disclose the names of the sites, which Iran had not previously declared, where nuclear activities may have been conducted before 2003. IAEA laboratory tests on samples may take months.

    On October 11 the IAEA Chief Rafael Grossi said Iran continued to enrich uranium to a higher degree than under JCPOA limits, but added that, despite a growing stockpile, Iran lacked the necessary uranium or plutonium to make an atomic bomb.
    We have told you here Iran has 10 Atoms bombs, soon will be making more i told it here. Ask Strange Sounds if you have doubts ? Thanks a lot God Bless USA and Canada .
    Disclaimer Always apply my views are not necessary of mine or strange sounds.

  6. 10 More Rockets From Karabakh Conflict Hit Iranian Villages.
    The governor of Khoda Afarin county in East Azarbaijan in the northwest of Iran reported that from 11:00 am till 4:00 pm of Thursday, 10 rockets from the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict-hit two villages of this county.

    Ali Amiri Rad reported that these missiles hit “Kadkhodalou” and “Gholi Beiglou” villages and destroyed a house and injured one person in Gholi Beiglou village.

    According to Amiri Rad, the victim was injured as a result of the destruction of the house and not a direct missile impact.

    Previously, the governor of Khoda Afarin had reported six mortar shells hitting one of the villages of his county.

    Mehr News, an official Islamic Republic news agency reported on October 2 that several mortar shells hit a village near Aras river, and also some more shells have hit near Mil Moghan dam.

    On October 7, the spokesman for Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the ministry has sent letters to Armenia and Azerbaijan expressing strong objection to their rockets and mortars hitting Iranian soil.

    Fighting between the two counties over the Nagorno-Karabgh region started almost two week ago and Iran finds itself in a precarious situation, trying to exhibit neutrality between its two neighbors but some sympathy toward Azerbaijan, given its large Azari speaking population, which have a linguistic affinity with their keens in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

    World WAR 3 is started and IRAN will be finished soon.
    Any deals with this terrorist regime is null and void.

  7. still World War 2 we are not off hook. Now going to have end games of all nations soon. Quakes with8.0 ,massive political crashes, with heavy guns , we ask NOV-1-2020 until further notice like Israelis they have done it. Buy foods and prepare the raid.
    We took the bait put by Queen of London now we have to suffer?
    Pray for peace and tranquility of USA.

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