Freak thunderstorm with 300,000 lightnings strikes South Australia plunging thousands in the dark

Thousands of homes left without power after freak storm with 300,000 lightning strikes battered South Australia
Thousands of homes left without power after freak storm with 300,000 lightning strikes battered South Australia. Picture: Photos courtesy of Emma Fleetwood – Glenelg South, Ben Heide – Flagstaff Hill and Samantha Lodge – Marino via Twitter

An apocalyptic storm hit across South Australia on November 10, 2020, leaving at lest 8,000 families and businesses in the dark.

The furious thunderstorm fired more than 300,000 lightning strikes, igniting many bush fires across the Aussie state.

A watch and act warning was issued on Yorke Peninsula for the cities of Minlaton, Edithburgh, Cabowie, Yorketown and Stansbury by the Country Fire Service.

A new heat wave is looming?

A large part of SA were put under a severe weather warning, but conditions had moderated by Wednesday morning.

Maximum temperatures are forecast up to 10°C above average in the southwest.

The mercury peaked at 38.5°C in Adelaide on Tuesday, making it the city’s hottest day since January.

Other regional centres reported higher temperatures with Oodnadatta, in the state’s north, reaching 43.6°C.

High temperatures, wind and dry weather mean dangerous fire conditions will continue in South Australia. More extreme weather events on DM, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. You mean SARS-CoV-2. Let’s call things by their scientific names, shall we? After all, you don’t want to sound stupid do you?

  2. 40 years ago I wanted to move to Australia. Now, not likely. After watching how they treat citizens during the kung-flu baloney, I’d rather stay here, and prepare for war against our own traitors, perverts, and reprobates.

    Abbott seemed like a good guy. I liked his brand of politics. Now, citizens have no firearms. No way to fight armed tyrants properly. Good luck, put another traitor on the barby.

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