UFO followed by group of orbs and fireball over Sakurajima volcano, Japan (video)

A giant ufo chased by a group of orbs over Sakurajima volcano in Japan
A giant ufo chased by a group of orbs over Sakurajima volcano in Japan

These objects where captured by cameras live streaming the Sakurajima volcano, in Kagoshima City in Japan on October 5, 2020.

Comments say: ‘

I saw these UFOs above the volcano in live stream coverage yesterday. Absolutely amazing!! There were more.

That’s a fantastic capture, definitely one large one and then a smaller group following. ???

Guess that volcano threw up some UFO’S. COOL !!!

Yeah- DEFINITELY one main leading u.f.o. with a cluster or group of other scout ships following it over Japan !…or…maybe…U.S.S.F. ??

First you have the smaller ship and then the larger one following it. Yeah, this DEFINITELY looks like some sort of larger craft. Maybe a battlecruiser or frigate class type?…Looks like the U.S.S.F. ( United States Space Force ) has finally arrived ! and these are examples of the anti-gravity technology that they have been experimenting with since the late 80’s to mid 90’s. Maybe in the form of the TR-3B experimental test bed form andnow all these other designs have “sprung forth” so to speak. It’s only logical to think that when you have a certain level of success with a specific technology, that you will eventually come out with different variations and sizes on the same thing. The same can be said with aviation as a whole. We first started out with the Wright Brothers wood, fabric and wires airplane and today we have the C-5 Galaxy and beyond. It would make perfect sense in tge timeline of developing technologies and this is yet another prime example of it.

And finally another guy replied:

They are carrier pigeons with pigeon custom-made headlight strapped on them maybe on duty carrying contraband at night .. well business as usual for them bird.

I don’t believe this last answer. But hey! I may be wrong!

Meanwhile, a huge meteor fireball exploded over the same volcano beginning of this month, and the videos and just awesome. Have a look below:

What do you think this strange sky phenomenon was? More UFO sightings on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. Its quiet possible some other planet living beings are also exploring life out of their planet, like we humans do. So they might have reached our skies and someone happened to see them

  2. The part where the commenter thought the ufos were pigeons with lights.

    Highly doubtful. We had racing pigeons, and they don’t need lights to find home. Neither do migtating birds.

    Not sure if the ufos were drones either? Probably they were real ufos of unknown origin.

  3. Awesome!

    It wouldn’t surprise me if ufos or interdimensional beings were here.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if it were space force either.

    It wouldn’t surpise me if it were elites were testing space craft, so they can pose as the next messiah, and fool a high percentage of sheeple into doing what they want.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if there were deep underground military bases where all kinds of crap goes on.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if off world technology were hidden in Antarctica.

    I think we have been fed a steady diet of complete BS for decades, so elites can stay in power over their debt / tax slaves.

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