Pig gut fight in Taiwan parliament

Taiwan Lawmakers Brawl And Throw Pig Organs Over US Pork Imports
Taiwan Lawmakers Brawl And Throw Pig Organs Over US Pork Imports

Legislators from Kuomintang party threw pig organs in Taiwan’s parliament on November 27, 2020, amid a row over the easing restrictions on US pork imports.

Participants also exchanged blows with other lawmakers in the self-ruled island.

President Tsai Ing-wen announced in August Taiwan would allow imports of US pork.

The US pork meat contains ractopamine, a feed additive which helps pigs stay leaner.

The supplement is banned in places like the European Union and China over concerns about its possible effect on humans.

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  1. The pork that is farm raised out here is brought to the butcher, then the butcher makes the cuts. Same with the beef, and poultry. You can taste the difference as clear as night and day. The quality of big brand stores for the price isn’t as good.

    This next season the plan is a few turkeys for meat. I had two. The meat is 10× better when you free range and supplement with fresh alfalfa. Turkeys get mean when the beard gets around 2-4 inches. I had one attack a brooding female goose while she was on nest. I grabbed him by the neck, and flipped him off her. He came back, and tried to kangaroo double foot kick me, so I popped him with the 1911. He was close to 40 lbs. Took me almost 3 weeks to eat him.? RIP, Club Samich.

    *Also, duck eggs and goose eggs come out better when you feed fresh alfalfa. Yolks come out richer and orange. Corn feed makes yolks yellow.

      • I spend around $130 a week on feed. In Winter the animals eat more. I’ve always raised animals since youth. When you raise them from babies to mature it’s easy to pardon 99% of the time. They are basically a food shortage insurance policy. Farm fresh eggs taste much better. Also, on baked items duck and geese eggs work really well.

  2. I’m still looking for a pig like “Arnold,” on Green Acres. Not for eating, just let him play in a mud pen, and eat the weeds and feed. People breed Hampshire out here. They’re huge when mature. Too big for being cute, more for meat.

    Sometimes people get the smaller breed for pets, and then have to rehome them. Keep looking online for my area. Pigs are smart. I can remember working near a pork slaughterhouse. I used to get there early, and feed the pigs some breakfast scraps, before work.

  3. All diseases comes from the pig , in Europe all people have skin pigmentation diseases disorders. Eating pig results more diseases than eating cow meat or ship meat?Phase out pigs and see your health gets better. Itis not based on religions , based on what pig eats is crap and you eat that meat ,you get sick?
    Pigs are not picky eaters and will accept everything that will be offered to them. This is the “opportunistic” behavior in pigs. As long as they think it is edible, they will consume it. Their bodies are made in a way that makes them handle almost any kind of food that goes into their system. Pigs have also developed their own food preferences.

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