Six volcanoes form huge supervolcano caldera in Alaska

The Islands of the Four Mountains in Alaska, The Islands of the Four Mountains in Alaska caldera, The Islands of the Four Mountains in Alaska supervolcano
The Islands of the Four Mountains in Alaska actually consists of six stratovolcanoes. Picture: NASA

The Islands of the Four Mountains comprises eight islands in the central Aleutians (Amukta, Chagulak, Yunaska, Herbert, Carlisle, Chuginadak, Uliaga, and Kagamil).

This group of islands is also home of six stratovolcanoes: Carlisle (Carlisle Island), Cleveland (Chuginadak Island), Herbert (Herbert Island), Kagamil (Kagamil Island), Tana (Chuginadak Island) and Uliaga (Uliaga Island).

islands of the four mountains, islands of the four mountains caldera
The Islands of the Four Mountains in Alaska: The Four Mountains islands chain includes, from west to east, Amukta, Chagulak, Yunaska, Herbert (Herbert volcano), Carlisle (Carlisle volcano), Chuginadak (Cleveland volcano and Tana volcano), Uliaga (Uliaga volcano), and Kagamil islands (Kagamil volcano).

A new supervolcano in Alaska

In a new study, scientists suggest that these islands and stratovolcanoes are part of a single giant volcano.

And that this newfound caldera is similar to the Yellowstone Caldera and other super volcanoes responsible for cataclysmic super-eruptions.

Studying Mount Cleveland, the geologists have gathered multiple evidences showing that the 8 islands could belong to one interconnected caldera.

Although further studies are needed, everything they looked at lines up with a caldera in this region!

underwater caldera islands of the four mountains
The caldera would be about 25 km in diameter and comprises the 5 islands and 6 stratovolcanoes in the above map via Google maps. From west to east: Herbert (Herbert volcano), Carlisle (Carlisle volcano), Chuginadak (Cleveland volcano and Tana volcano), Uliaga (Uliaga volcano), and Kagamil islands (Kagamil volcano).

Stratovolcano vs caldera-forming volcano

Stratovolcanoes are what most people envision when they think of a volcano. A a steep conical mountain capable of powerful eruptions, like Mount St. Helens in 1980.

But these are nothing compared to caldera-forming eruptions.

A caldera is created by tapping a huge reservoir in the Earth’s crust. When the reservoir’s pressure exceeds the strength of the crust, gigantic amounts of lava and ash are released in a catastrophic episode of eruption.

Such super-eruptions often have global effects on climate and society.

For example, the eruption of nearby Okmok volcano has been recently linked to the disruption of the Roman Republic. 

According to the authors, the caldera beneath the Islands of the Four Mountains measures around 25 km (15 miles) is thus larger than Okmok caldera (9.3 kilometers or 5.8 miles), but much smaller than the gigantic 150km (93.2 miles) caldera found ontop an oceanic plateau off the Philippines coast last year.

This would be the first underwater caldera in the Aleutian Islands. The caldera hypothesis would also help explain what makes Mount Cleveland so active and what types of eruptions are expected in the future. More volcanic news on NatGeo, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. Also, I remember reading about how the D.U.M.B.S. are created. I remember the author indicated heavy explosives are used, and special boring machines.

    These could have an effect on plate tectonics, and magma chambers. Just an observation with speculation, but it does seem plausible.

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  3. Interesting the chemical analysis led to the notion that okmok volvano led to the disruption of the Roman Republic, which led to the rise of the Roman Empire, circa 45 BCE.

    If it’s tapping the okmok caldera, then poor Alaska has something big to worry about. Funny how some of the most beautiful areas have perilous cataclysmic futures ahead of them.

    If you run away from a pyroclastic blast, then you slow cook to death after asphyxiation. If you are close, then you vaporize, and your brains turns to glass —after your blood boils, and head explodes.

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