Huge ball of fire explodes in the dark sky changing night into day over China (video)

giant meteor fireball china video
giant meteor fireball explodes in the night sky over China in loud booms. Picture via Youtube video

What was this giant ball of fire disintegrating in the night sky over China?

People in the northwestern China’s Yushu City were left baffled and terrified after a suspected low-flying meteor fell into pieces in a series of large bangs, changing the night into day, on Dec. 23rd.

Video from the event in the city in China’s Qinghai Province showed a bright fireball streaking across and pouring fire in the night sky.

According to reports, the fireball was probably a bolide (very bright meteor fireball) and it might have dropped several meteorite fragments somewhere in the area.

Passengers on a plane travelling from Xi’an to Lhasa witnessed the ball of fire as it streaked through the sky.

video via

The fireball was seen in the skies in China before falling to the ground.

According to the China’s Earthquake Networks Centre, the suspected bolide landed near the border between Nangqian County and Yusu County at 7.25am, but no one was injured.

According to witnesses, the sky phenomenon started very small, but three minutes later it became very big and bright.

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The burning object is seen descending quickly towards hills and fields as it becomes brighter and bigger during its fall to the ground.

This new incredible sky event brings to mind the spectacular fireball that roared through Chelyabinsk’s skies on February 15th, 2013.

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  1. The last video shows the rocket thrust cone… Definately man made! Could be weather mod rocket burning barium/ Lithium? 2 birds one stone, seed clouds and sedate the population at the same time. Its also just up wind of a major city center too so thats where my moneys at to slow to be a meteor and smoke trail lasting for more than half a day with barely any dissipation. Pfffft!

  2. SOON THE AMERICA WILL GET A SHOW that will put all the others to shame,HOPE you got a good place to get under…OR YOU MAYBE HIT BY THEM…

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