Magma intrusion beneath Long Valley Caldera confirmed

The long Valley Caldera is filling up with magma, long valley caldera unrest
The long Valley Caldera is filling up with magma. Picture: Wikipedia

As you probably all know, the Long Valley Caldera is one of Earth’s largest calderas and sits adjacent to Mammoth Mountain in eastern California.

The 3,000 feet (910 meters) deep caldera was created by a gigantic eruption 760,000 years ago.

long valley caldera volcanic risk
California volcanoes and their potential risks. Picture LATimes

The super-eruption formed the Bishop tuff common to the area, emptied the magma chamber, blanketed much of the western part of the United States and released pyroclastic flows that burned and buried thousands of square miles. A real disaster!

According to latest measurements, the 20 miles (32 km) long, 11 miles (18 km) wide caldera has a vast reservoir of semi-molten magma measuring a staggering 240 cubic miles… Can you imagine that?

And the scientific paper concluded: “the mid-crustal reservoir is still melt-rich. We estimate the reservoir currently contains enough melt to support another super eruption comparable in size to the caldera-forming eruption at 767 ka.

Is magma filling the Long Valley Caldera?

Moreover, recent relative gravity scientific study conducted in Long Valley (California) in 1982 and 1998 reveals a decrease in gravity of as much as −107 ± 6 microgals (1 microgal = 10−8meters per square second) centered on the uplifting resurgent dome.

Assuming a point source of intrusion, the density of the intruding material is 2.7 × 10to 4.1 × 103 kilograms per cubic meter.

The gravity results require intrusion of silicate magma and exclude in situ thermal expansion or pressurization of the hydrothermal system as the cause of uplift and seismicity.

So yes, magma is filling up the supervolcano.

Is the Long Valley Caldera about to blow?

The southern margin of the Long Valley Caldera was hit by a strong swarm including four M6.0 earthquakes in May 1980.

The seismic series was accompanied by a 10-inch (250 mm) dome-shaped uplift of the caldera floor.

long valley volcano magma intrusion, Amount of magma released by supervolcano eruptions
Amount of magma released by super eruptions. Picture:

The resulting ongoing unrest includes recurring earthquake swarms and continued dome-shaped uplift of the central section of the caldera accompanied by changes in thermal springs and gas emissions.

According to geologists, a major eruption of Long Valley Caldera in the next 100 years is extremely unlikely – and more probable in several thousand years.

What are indicators for volcanic activity?

Almost all volcanic eruptions are preceded and accompanied by geophysical and geochemical changes in the volcanic system.

Common precursory indicators of volcanic activity include increased seismicity, ground deformation, and variations in the nature and rate of gas emissions.

Although a major eruption in the next 100 years is extremely unlikely at the Long Valley Caldera in California, its present quantity of magma would release 140 cubic miles of material into the atmosphere. And it is continuously filling up! To put this into persperctive, the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption resulted in the release of 0.29 cubic miles. Are you ready?

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  1. Believe what they say, believe what you want…there’s no stopping what’s coming.

    Something this way comes…

  2. Well, that’s thousands of years away from blowing. However, that are is earthquake prone. Mammoth mountain area quakes are prevalent.

    In any event, 140 cubic miles would probably be God’s way of pruning off satanic lefties, and those that didn’t stop them from eating all those babies, and sacrificing to moloch via abortion, and all the tranny-baphometiods and sodomite-pedos.

    It’s only a matter of time.

    • Yes! LVC is probably not the biggest threat right but all the region is in geological unrest… And there are pretty dangerous volcanoes and fault lines in the same region as well. So I would just have a plan for ‘if’…

      • Well, we can plan by prepping. Pretty sure anyone on this site does that. However, 140 cubic miles of magma in the LVC would probably kill billions of creatures and humans. Hard to prep for that size of cataclysm.

        I remember reading Edgar Cayce, and his map of the big cataclysm. If his predictions are correct, then I should have an ocean view with beachfront property. Lol.

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