Nashville explosion was intentional

The Nashville explosion on December 25, 2020 was intentional
The Nashville explosion on December 25, 2020 was intentional. Picture: Mark Humphrey/AP

Nashville looks like a blast site…

The early-morning explosion that ripped through downtown Nashville on Friday, wounded at least three people, shattered windows and damaged buildings.

Authorities believe the explosion was “an intentional act.”

Police responded to reports of shots fired in the area at about 5:30 a.m. CT, when they encountered a recreational vehicle parked in front of the downtown AT&T building.

The Nashville police department says a recording believed to be coming from the RV warned that a potential bomb would be detonated within 15 minutes and that those in the area should evacuate.

Police requested a bomb squad to respond, and had begun evacuating the area when the RV exploded at 6:30 a.m. local time.

The blast was felt for miles.

Now this is actually the RV that exploded on 2nd Ave N this morning. It arrived on 2nd Ave at 1:22 a.m.

This chilling video shows the exact moment the bomb explodes in Nashville after loudspeaker warns people to evacuate.

So chilling, isn’t it?

One officer was knocked to the ground by the impact and another suffered hearing loss. At least three people were transported to hospitals with non-critical injuries. One of them was the officer knocked to the ground.

The explosion occurred in an area packed with bars, restaurants and entertainment venues. Due to the holiday, the streets were largely vacant at the time of the explosion. Any other morning, it would have been a much worse story.

Investigators do not believe there are further threats but are conducting productive sweeps with canine units.

Much of downtown Nashville is sealed off. The Nashville Fire Department evacuated the downtown riverfront, and later responded to a building that reportedly caught fire.

FBI investigates

The FBI is now leading the investigation, working with local police and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Investigators said they are gathering leads and evidence from the scene, including from street and building security camera footage. They offered no motive for the explosion.

What is going on in America right now? Is this Nashville explosion linked to the political unrests currently hitting the country? Is it another maneuver to destabilize the system and escalate the violence? More Nashville news on NPR, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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    Three local cases recorded on Tuesday have all been linked to Northern Beaches
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  5. Tennessee cops pull over ‘truck playing ANOTHER spooky message urging people to evacuate’ just 30 miles from where RV blew up in Christmas Day suicide attack

    The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office parts of Highway 231 had been shut on Sunday due to a suspicious vehicle
    It comes two days after the Nashville bombing in which the explosion was prefaced by a recorded warning
    Police on Sunday confirmed that Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, is a person of interest in the Christmas explosion
    Warner is believed to have died when an RV blew up outside Nashville’s AT&T building, leaving three injured
    Footage from the scene Sunday shows white truck surrounded by police; the driver has since been detained

    O my God do not get close to any RV?

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  7. Israel ‘launches air strikes against Iranian military targets in Syria killing six’

    Syria’s official news agency reported explosions in the central town of Masyaf
    Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said attack killed six foreign paramilitaries
    Israel has previously acknowledged carrying out dozens of airstrikes in Syria
    IDF spokesperson: Iranian retaliation likely to come from Iraq, Yemen
    In an interview given to the Saudi news website Elaph, Brig.-Gen. Hidai Zilberman addressed Iran and the tactics deployed by the IDF in order to address the looming threat.
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    Not everyone is as lucky. A 45-year-old woman in California lost $45,000 to one of the callers who operated from the bylanes of Peeragarhi area in India’s capital, New Delhi.

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  10. Canada confirms first two cases of mutant COVID strain from the UK: Fears grow that super-infectious virus is already spreading through North America after doctors said travel restrictions were imposed too late

    A new mutant strain of the virus that is 70% more infectious is spreading in Britain, prompting many countries to shut their borders to travelers from there
    Canada on Saturday announced the first two confirmed cases of the new COVID-19 variant strain found in a couple from the metropolitan Toronto area
    Ontario health officials said that the couple has no known travel history, exposure or high-risk contacts
    Canada this week extended a ban on British nationals entering the country due to the more contagious mutant strain of COVID-19. New COVID 20,21 is arrived for
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    Also #2
    Mother, 29, given TWO free homes worth $409K by ‘Nashville bomber’, 63, says she had no idea he signed property over to her a month ago – as Feds probe if he blew himself up because he feared 5G is spying on Americans

    On Saturday, reports surfaced that local man Anthony Quinn Warner was a person of interest in an explosion that occurred on 2nd Avenue in Nashville’s downtown at 6.40am on Christmas morning
    Three people were injured and severe damage was reported in the blast
    Cops had been called to the area a short time before amid reports of a shooting
    However, when they arrived at the scene, they discovered a parked RV playing a recording that claimed the vehicle would explode in 15 minutes
    Officials now say they believe the blast was the result of a suicide bombing
    The incident has led investigators on a wild chase to determine the identity of the RV’s owner
    Warner reportedly owned a white RV similar to the one which exploded, and federal agents were seen outside his house Saturday, removing items from the basement of the home
    Authorities will swab Warner’s mother to determine if he is a match to remains found at the bomb site can exclusively reveal Warner gave the $160,000 home away for free last month
    Michelle Swing, a 29-year-old woman living in Los Angeles, was given the house but it is not known whether she had ever met Warner or whether she had family links to him
    Swing claims she had no idea that Warner had signed over the property to her
    Warner had also transfered her a nearby house worth $249,000 for free in January 2019

  11. ‘Suicide bombing’? Nashville blast suspect ‘likely’ died in explosion, media claim, as FBI raids his house to establish motive
    Federal agents have raided the house of a ‘person of interest’ in the Nashville Christmas blast case. Multiple law enforcement sources said the suspect is believed to be dead, with CNN declaring it a “likely suicide bombing.”

    While officials decline to name the suspect, one of ‘more than 500’ initial leads brought them to a two-story red brick suburban house on Bakertown Road in Antioch, Tennessee on Saturday. After a bomb squad swept the house for potential explosive devices, federal agents began their search for any clues in an attempt to establish a motive.

    Agents have started carrying what looks like evidence bags out of the Antioch home. There’s been about 4 bags so far.
    — Joshua Cole (@JoshuaColeLive) December 26, 2020

    The investigators are also “vigorously working” to identify suspected fragments of human remains found at the blast site, according to FBI Special Agent in Charge Doug Korneski.
    If it was suicide bombing of course we know who did it ? Hezbollah of Iran.
    Was his son converted to Islam ?
    .50cal i saw natural news as well. It was 911 of Nashville?

    • Now the media collaborators are saying they have a person of interest. Anthony Quinn Warner. Of course, they have to find all the chunks.
      It’s on gatewaypundit. All the comments are leaning toward false flag.

  12. Super-infectious mutant strain of coronavirus is found in Ireland and France

    Ireland confirmed on Christmas Day the presence of a highly infectious new coronavirus variant
    Members of SAGE sub-group SPI-M said the variant will infect a lot more people because it spreads faster
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    In UK the variant is concentrated in London, the East and South East of England but is spreading elsewhere
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  13. Tennessee newspaper said on Sunday it was investigating what its editor called a “horrific” full-page advertisement from a religious group that predicts a terrorist attack in Nashville next month.

    The paid advertisement that appeared in Sunday’s editions of the Tennessean from the group Future For America claims Donald Trump “is the final president of the USA” and features a photo of Trump and Pope Francis.

    It begins by claiming that a nuclear device will be detonated in Nashville and that the attack will be carried out by unspecific interests of “Islam”.

    The group also ran a full-page ad in Wednesday’s editions of the newspaper stating its intention to warn Nashville residents about next month’s event “so that they may be able to make a decision intelligently”.

    In a story on its website Sunday afternoon, the Tennessean said the ad violated the newspaper’s long-established standards banning hate speech.

    Vice-president and editor Michael Anastasi said the paper’s news and sales departments operate independently.

    “Clearly there was a breakdown in the normal processes, which call for careful scrutiny of our advertising content,” Anastasi said.

    “The ad is horrific and is utterly indefensible in all circumstances. It is wrong, period, and should have never been published. It has hurt members of our community and our own employees and that saddens me beyond belief. It is inconsistent with everything the Tennessean as an institution stands and has stood for.”

    Sales executives ordered the ad removed from future editions, the newspaper said.

    Council on Islamic-American Relations spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said in a statement that while the group appreciates that the “Islamophobic” ad was pulled and an investigation has begun, “we would urge the Tennessean to also implement updated policies and staff training to ensure that this type of hate incident does not occur in the future. CAIR is willing to offer that training.”

    It was not immediately known how much Future for America paid for the ads.

    According to its website, the group’s ministry warns of so-called end-of-the-world Bible prophecies whose fulfillment “is no longer future_for it is taking place before our eyes”.

    A telephone message left with Bonnerdale, Arkansas-based Future for America wasn’t immediately returned.

    Terry Heaton, an author and retired television news executive, who is a former executive producer of The 700 Club, a successful show on the Christian Broadcasting Network, said the ad’s claim is not supported in the Bible.

    “This idea has been debated in church circles forever, and there have been plenty of historical accounts of those who shouted that ‘the end is near’,” Heaton said.

    “Obviously, nobody has been accurate, so I think it’s safe to say this is nonsense.”

  14. You know the media, they’re likely to spin the narrative. Some bad news is probably due to come out, and the nefarious actors need a false flag attack to distract the attention away from an upcoming bombshell story exposing their team?

    What’s next?

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