Town put under curfew after crows die of bird flu in India, while thousands of other volatiles mysteriously fall from the sky dead in Sri lanka

Dead birds mysteriously fall from the sky in India and Sri Lanka
Dead birds mysteriously fall from the sky in India and Sri Lanka.

Some really weird thing are going on in our atmosphere since a few days. It’s as if geoengineering had started full power again!

Yesterday, January 1, 2021, hundreds of dead birds covered a street in central Rome, Italy.

Meanwhile, reports of dozens of crows falling dead from the sky make the headlines in India.

Authorities in Rajasthan’s Jhalawar town have imposed a curfew in a one-km radius after it was confirmed that 50 crows had died of bird flu recently.

Deaths of 100 crows, peacocks, and other birds have also been reported in Jaipur.

Dead crows and dead peacocks die of bird flu in India in January 2021
Dead crows and dead peacocks die of bird flu in India in January 2021.

Avian influenza (bird flu) has been found to be the cause of the death of the crows,said officials.

The affected area were sanitized and poultry as well as eggs shops were closed on Wednesday evening.

Another mysterious bird mass die-off is currently hitting Sri Lanka, where hundreds of local fowls were found dead. And according to officials, it’s not avian influenza!

So are the poisoning the air we are breathing again? Are they testing new deadly gases around? What is the cause of this bird mass deaths? More on animal mass die-offs on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  3. When you are getting news globally every day, mass animal die-offs are really not that uncommon and are bound to cluster together at times. They can be caused by any number of natural things. Your site would be so much more interesting if it just gave the known facts on all of the interesting, extreme and weird things that happen on our fascinating planet. Jumping to conspiracy conclusions discredits you and is more likely to turn people away from your site.

    • There are no conspiracy theories/conclusions espoused in the article?

      Where are you seeing this? At the end, the author questions, using question marks.

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  5. Crow are pretty smart, and they eat some pretty nasty stuff. You would think they would have resistance built up to standard microbes?

    Peacocks are loud. Never raised them, but the neighbor had some, until the other psycho neighbor let his gate open so the dogs would kill them.

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