Amazing fallstreak clouds over Alabama and Georgia prompt UFO sighting buzz (pictures)

hole punch clouds alabama georgia pictures and videos, hole punch clouds alabama georgia pictures and videos january 2021,The sky is watching you. Rare and mysterious fallstreak holes appear in the sky over georgia and Alabama on January 29
The sky is watching you. Rare and mysterious fallstreak holes appear in the sky over georgia and Alabama on January 29, 2021. Picture via Twitter

Look at these weird clouds in the sky! But how do those large circular or elliptical gaps form in cumulus? And have you ever seen something like this before? I haven’t yet.

But because of their rarity and unusual appearance, punch hole clouds have been mistaken for or attributed to unidentified flying objects.

And that’s exactly what happened yesterday, January 29, 2021, when several saucer-shaped formations dotted the skies over Alabama and Georgia, giving residents a reason to look up.

How does a fallstreak hole form?

Hole punch clouds form when “supercooled water droplets” suddenly freeze within mid- to high-level cumulus clouds. When these ice crystals fall, a giant hole is left behind.

Airplanes also play a part in fallstreak formations. Passing planes create airflow, which can trigger water droplets to fall below freezing yet remain in liquid form.

However, this can only be achieved at high altitudes and with droplets that have little dust, pollution and other impurities.

As the droplets turn to ice crystals, “they quickly grow [and] begin to fall, leaving a hole behind, which will start to expand outward as surrounding droplets start to freeze as well, similar to a domino effect,” experts say.

And what about these clouds being simply chemtrails or signs they have started spraying the skies again?

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