Look at these insane pictures and videos of Texas Big Freeze

picture texas big freeze
picture texas big freeze
Texas is currently experiencing some of the coldest weather it has seen in decades and the pictures coming out from the state show how bad things are. The state, the people, and the infrastructure just aren’t set up for it.

Highways full of snow


Icicles hanging from ceiling fans


People’s faucets are frozen

Pools turn into skating rinks


Hot tubs too:


Frozen toilet water



Going to the restroom in Texas today. (Real pic from a house in Dallas) from r/funny

Dish soap is freezing


Olive oil is freezing


A frozen fish tank

@ray.k13??? literally in shock! wow. #texaswinter #texas #snowstorm2021 #twomoms #ohno ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

A frozen playground


Frozen dog bowls


Bathtubs used to store water


This isn’t normal!


Unusable highways


Frozen water fountains


Beaches covered in snow

Car washes have turned into modern art pieces

Guess I’ll wait till next week from r/texas

It’s not good!


There’s ice all over the cacti

Camping in the living room


Hallway skating rink

Pipes are bursting

Indoor waterfall due to pipe burst


Surreal videos


Texans are doing everything they can

  And here some more!
picture texas big freeze
picture texas big freeze
picture texas big freeze
picture texas big freeze
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  1. Yeah, President Trump was nuts, according to Pelosi, Schumer, Warren, Klobucher, Cuomo, college professors, Hollywood weirdo’s who spent money bailing criminal BLM and Antifa people out of jail,etc. Why don’t these actors and billion dollar sports figures spend some of their riches on the poor people of Texas. It’s the least they could do.

  2. Hmmm. After the phoney election scandal and all the talk about Texas possibly spear-heading a secession move, this meteorological anomaly takes place bringing Texas to its knees. Wonder if there’s any correlation????

    • No it’s the polar vortex. It’s unstable due the Grand Solar Minimum. This is the new normal for about 30 to 40!years. Google Maunder Minimum and see what we can expect.

  3. Hopefully the ones suffering and dying are Liberal Francis O’Rourke supporters. The more liberals that die the better off the country will be they are scum.

  4. Water pipes need to be sealed at the main valve and drained before freezing temperature comes. Otherwise pipes will crack. Thought thats common knowledge?
    When temperature rise again, they will leak water.
    Especially wood houses will be full of moisture and the next mischief will be mold grow.
    These buildings need capable dehumidifiers or heating and venting, otherwise they become uninhabitable.
    The real damage is comming if people dont act now.

  5. You are all stupid. Its called divide and conquer.

    There are no opposing sides, they are only an elaborate act to keep you engaged and label yourself.

    You are firstly human, you have a heart, you feel compassion towards all life. You honor truth, you seek truth, you question criminals who have bombed countless countries illegally.

    Stop fighting each other dimwits, grow up and examine the world, and see through the lies. Titles, positions, image are all deceptive.

    Use what’s left of your innate wisdom and intuition.

  6. Nice picture. And that is real. The state was totally unprepared for this…Thankfully my cabin equipped with solar and propane (with generator back-up) got me through the crisis safely. Nothing wrong with a little back up energy in your home. Always have a gas refrigerator, gas stove and a gas freezer, So you do not loose your frozen foods. I have two, made in America by the Amish.

  7. In the next election(if there is one), do NOT vote for a politician claiming Global Warming!! The Sun is going into a Maunder Minimum as it does on a regular basis. Something like every 206 years. Politicians, the majority of whom are left wing globalists, have been lying to you, also on a regular basis.

    • The sun is not doing anything different, and the geoengineers have frozen Texas solid, nucleated snow and ice, weather manipulation targeting the Texan population, ‘comply with Big Brother’s edicts or die’, that’s the message from the sky!

  8. How long in hours would it take to push out oil burning stoves to affected residents? CAN-DO, STOP BI#$%@NG AND MOVE @$$

    • you tell me bert………..go round up 10k stoves, and pipes, and oil to feed that and storage containers for oil and manuals etc…………..

      either you are prepared when it hits or you are behind the 8 ball

  9. I would advise ALL TEXAS men to get out the rope and head to the capitol,OTHER WISE this will happen again,OH,thats if there are any men left in texas…AND TELL YOUR CHILD RAPING AND MURDERING POLICE TO STAND DOWN,or maybe have the rope used on them too…

  10. Yall just go ahead and laugh at the preppers and call them conspiracy theorists all you want.
    BTW, pretty colors at the car wash there. And how thick was that ice on your pool?

    Oh, and here’s something else you can laugh at. Now that doctors and medical professionals around the world are not so afraid for their lives over the vaccines and pharmaceutical companies, they are telling us that the whole Covid scamdemic was the greatest fraud in medical history. Do you know what that means? That means that the rich men of the earth who advocate global depopulation will now go to plan B. Do you know what plan B is? It is Nuclear war.

    • They can only accomplish this and other atrocities through other people’s compliance and assistance.

      If all soldiers and government agents quit doing what they are ordered, then they have zero power.

      Which is why they want to advance technology, cause one day more people will awaken.

  11. Licensed plumbers… head for Texas as soon as is thawed enough! Be sure and bring as many of your own supplies as you can!

    • Texas was sold out by the special interest moneycgangers. Fuel was sold off for profit that was needed in Texas. This is just one more example why Texas should secede.

  12. How will the building supplies shortages effect repairs in Texas? Things were tight last year, this year, it’ll be a disaster. Can see a lot more Americans becoming homeless because of inability to fix their residences.
    Can Texans go viking for supplies?

  13. The insurance claims will be staggering. At least in the big city environment the plumbing emergency will get their faster than the rural areas. We had a bad freeze, and it was days before the plumbing guy got here, then they gouge you on prices.

      • Kerry claims all this freezing is caused by globull warming. Says we have nine years to go before the end of the world, bla,bla, bla.
        I call BS on the lear jet lefty buttclown.

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