Texas agriculture commissioner issues RED ALERT warning on food supply chain


Texas’ Agriculture Commissioner has issued a RED ALERT over the food processing chain as the power grid is down and our food supply is grinding to a halt.

Texas' Agriculture Commissioner has issued a RED ALERT over the food processing chain
Texas’ Agriculture Commissioner has issued a RED ALERT over the food processing chain. Picture: PKcampbell62 / BStock

Farmers and ranchers across the state are seeing devastating effects from the cold weather on livestock, feed and agriculture products.

Livestock producers are now unable to provide water to their animals, and farmers cannot deliver to grain elevators that are shut down.

Well look at these insane images and you will understand!

Sid Miller stated: “As Texas Agriculture Commissioner, I’m issuing a red alert regarding agriculture and our food supply chain here in the state of Texas.

“I’m getting calls from farmers and ranchers across the state reporting that the interruptions in electricity and natural gas are having a devastating effect on their operations.

In just one example, dairy operations are dumping $8 million worth of milk down the drains every day because the plants that process that milk don’t have power.

Grocery stores are already unable to get shipments of dairy products. Store shelves are already empty. We’re looking at a food supply chain problem like we’ve never seen before, even with COVID-19.

Meanwhile, global food prices are skyrocketing in 2021.

Agriculture is not “critical infrastructure.” What?!?

Commissioner Miller specifically called on Governor Greg Abbott to designate agriculture producers and processors as critical infrastructure that must be provided gas and electricity to continue operations.

Governor Abbott must make ag industries a priority for electricity and gas just like hospitals, first responders, fire and police. I salute all our hospital workers and first responders as they deal with this natural disaster, but they won’t have food to eat if our farmers are left without power.

Governor Abbott, don’t just listen to the big cities. You have an obligation to ensure that rural Texas is not forgotten.

This devastating storm will end, ice will melt, temperatures will rise and Texans will get through this,” said Miller, “but I’m concerned about the damage to rural Texas that will be left behind if Governor Abbott doesn’t act now.

Well hopefully this cold mess won’t end up in a gigantic flooding like in 2019. Welcome to the Grand Solar Minimum.

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  1. PS- Totally not going to lie, I’m REALLY tired of Texas being used as a testing ground for everything! >.< Why can't they just go away and leave us alone?

  2. It’s all coming back, it’s just going to take a bit to straighten out. 60’s and 70’s this week for temps at the stockyards in Fort Worth, it’s gonna be ok. This is why the natural gas is so important to keep things warm and moving- mostly because we don’t require electricity to make things like propane work.

  3. Lost water and power for three weeks in September. With 200+ trees and 50+ animals to water. I had just drained the pond too.

    Water delivery was my solution. I have seven water tanks for trees. I filled them by water delivery. Ran generator for power, and bucket walked water to trees, and drip lined water to orchard. I did not lose one animal or tree. I lost about 12lbs.

    You just have to be tougher than the problem. Texans are tough people. They will help each other out probably as much as they can.

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