There is so much snow in Dagestan right now that animals are buried alive

Animals buried in meters of snow from Russia, Animals buried in meters of snow from Russia video, Animals buried in meters of snow from Russia pictures, Animals buried in meters of snow from Russia february 2021
Animals buried in meters of snow from Russia.

Is it just me or did you also observe that the number of extreme storms / blizzards are increasing around the world?

Now after Texas, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, the ‘Big Freeze is now coming back to Russia, where parts of the Ourals and Dagestan are experiencing so intense blizzards, leaving weather scientists baffled.

These unprecedented snow storms are accompanied by hurricane-force winds, making it difficult for everybody to come out of their homes… even for cows:

The extreme blizzard hit the Chelyabinsk region on February 23, 2021, blocking traffic on on 14 regional roads, and trapping buses with passengers, including children on highways .

Thousands of people have lost power, including in large suburban areas of Chelyabinsk, prompting officials to declare an emergency in three districts.

The unusual low pressure area spread from the Baltic Sea, crossing the European territory to the Caspian Sea, with the Urals, in particular the Chelyabinsk, the Kurgan, and Orenburg regions facing the worst conditions in more than 20 years.

The wind average speed is of 15-16 m / s, with gusts up to 25 m / s. It is -40°C in some places and heavy snow is falling. It is however forecast that the temperature will increase towards -9°C on Friday. That’s a difference of 30°C within 24 hours! Amazing!

Similar situations occur in Kazakhstan this year: animals freezing solid… and last year: people had to dig tunnels to get out of their homes. Learn more about this insane blizzard on

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  1. Of course you’re going to see this in a Grand Solar Minimum. Expect to see more of this in the years ahead. If it turns out to be a Super Grand Solar Minimum, life in the north will experience really difficult times.

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