Japan: Sorry, but we have to dump this Fukushima radioactive water into the ocean


Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga says that the government has put off figuring out what to do with all of the contaminated water building up at the destroyed Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant for long enough — and it’s time to start dumping it into the ocean.

japan decides to dump radioactive wastewater in ocean
Japan decides to dump radioactive wastewater into the ocean… And that is bad for everybody… Sakura Murakami

Suga’s hand is forced given that the plant will soon run out of space to store the contaminated groundwater seeping into the facility and he’s framing the controversial plan to release the water into the Pacific Ocean as “unavoidable.”

Japanese officials have been debating how to best contain the radioactive water at the Fukushima plant for years, but the plan that seems to have stuck is to purify the water as best as possible, dilute the radioactive tritium that persists even after the cleaning process, and to dump it over the course of 30 years.

What to do with the [treated] water is a task that the government can no longer put off without setting a policy,” Japanese trade minister Hiroshi Kajiyama told reporters on Wednesday.

But outside of government halls, the plan is still considerably unpopular, especially among fishers who are concerned no one will want to buy fish caught in radioactive waters. Reasonably so, too, since 15 countries and regions still restrict imports from the Fukushima prefecture.

Suga is expected to make a formal decision on the release by next Tuesday. If the government proceeds, the plan will be to dilute tritium down to just 2.5 percent of the maximum concentration allowed by national standards before dumping it out.

That means, Japanese officials say, the water won’t be dangerous to people — though only time will tell how much people trust it.[The Japan Times, Futurism]

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  1. The Japanese people are doomed from long-term radiation effects of the reactor meltdown ground and water systems contaminated sadly all children have been affected already within 20 years will be many deaths, already started. Adults 30-40 years. Any person that has eaten any food grown in Japan or any fish caught locally in the last few years has been affected. The government members who will no longer be alive when this problem becomes so bad to be impossible to cover up any longer have always known this but will not tell its people again for fear of loss of face and truth coming out.
    Low-level external radiation at background or slightly higher is not harmful to a great extent less so to adults than growing young children. But any particles of radioactive materials however small that are absorbed internally via air or food will cause cancer within at the most a few years as they end up in the bone marrow. Plutonium (The most poisonous stuff in the world) and its derivatives only needs a microscopic amount internally to be fatal. Although its alpha-emitting rays cannot penetrate the skin or a piece of tissue paper, internally mean certain death. Ash from a cigarette is 200 microns (1000th of a millimeter across) less than this will be enough.
    Radiation Information and links (pdf)

  2. Hmmm.

    Your country have some toxic or radioactive stuff YOU CREATED that is a tiresome burden to look after?

    Put it on a barge and dump it off the coast of Japan. They obviously feel it is A-OK.

  3. Were they ever able to pull chunks out of the core? Use reclaimed battery lead to build containers and put core chunks in them and drop those off in a deep part of the ocean a good distance apart and don’t build new nuclear plants. Take out more chunks=pile cools off and you don’t have to pour water on it anymore. Find a different way to make electricity like wave power

  4. Most countries have a fifty year outlook into the future and know what to expect, Fukushima never happened by accident, it was designed to fail, but why?

  5. the US imports the fukushima fish. hillary and obama made a deal right after it happened. when they test for tritium and find it that means there are 100s of other radionuclides also present with the tritium. the half-truths and un-truths involved in this disaster is never ending. 300,000 gallons of water rush out to sea daily, for the past ten years, over china-syndrome melted thru reactors and the entire area is covered with the exploded fuel rods. its a planet killer.

  6. There is a way to do that equitably without hurting humans. Take the largest sealable tank they can find, or multiples thereof and fill them with all the contaminated water and sink them in the Marianas trench where little life grows and the ocean will neutralize them as the steel rust away allowing small amounts at first and then as more and more rust destroys the tanks the ocean will then be able to keep up with neutralizing the contamination, instead of just dumping it in the ocean all at once where all the fish live.
    Yes the ocean does neutralize contamination far faster than scientist had first believed.

  7. IF they transported all that eradiated water INLAND then they could not fulfill the prophecy: REV 8:9-11
    we are being TERRAFORMED. WE ARE AT THE END.
    The World govt. is involved and assisting.
    ALL WORLD LEADERS ARE ALIENS…………This is the only Rational reasoning for what THEY ALLOW and IMPOSE UPON US .
    John 3 : 16 ~ ALL THAT MATTERS NOW.

  8. I have a girlfriend right now in Honolulu Hawaii and her cesium level is off the charts, yet not a single person can tell us where all that cesium came from…

    • I live in Hawaii, we are a state of insane demoncrats, they probably injected her with something GET HER TO THE MAINLAND ASAP- MAYO CLINIC ?

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