Praying for everyone! 12 lost at sea after apocalyptic ‘microburst’ storm hits Louisiana coast

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A microburst is seen from the air over southern Phoenix. Picture: Twitter/Bruce Haffner

Twelve people are reportedly lost at sea following the capsizing of a vessel in so-called “microburst” winds off the coast of Louisiana.

In all, four bodies had been found as of late Saturday afternoon and nine people remained missing. Six were safely pulled from the water after the ship capsized in stormy weather Tuesday off the coast of southern Louisiana.

Wow, take a look at this MONSTER Shelf Cloud yesterday 70 miles south of Port Fourchon, Louisiana! Reported wind indicators were 134 mph:

State senator is ‘praying for everyone’ caught in strong winds that capsized a 129-foot vessel on Tuesday.

Officials from the US Coast Guard were assisting in the search for survivors on Tuesday afternoon, with reports of “multiple people in the water” from at least one vessel. Others are also assisting in the search.

Six individuals were rescued from the water, with as many as 18 thought to be on board the vessel that capsized in storm winds, south of Grand Isle, Louisiana, in the Gulf of Mexico.

The vessel, according to the Coast Guard, is a 129-foot lift boat, the Seacor Power. Similar boats are used in the operation of offshore drilling sites.

It was thought to be caught in 75mph winds before capsizing. A weather warning was issued by the US National Weather Service for “very strong winds” earlier on Tuesday.

The storm was thought to be a “microburst” – a life-threatening weather event that according to the National Weather service, takes place when a thunderstorm meet cooler air. The eye of the storm then descends on the water service, causing damage.

Images and descriptions of the storm were shared widely, with Louisiana resident Bruce J. Simon writing on Facebook that he had “NEVER Heard soo many MAYDAY calls” in his life, while aboard his own vessel on Tuesday.

He added that waves were “breaking over the bow” and that other boats, including a lifeboat, were capsizing or were taking on water, writing: “Please pray for the Lost”.

In a brief statement to Twitter, Louisiana senator John Kennedy said that he was “praying for everyone around Grand Isle and all the communities in South Louisiana”.

Massive 50+ Foot Waves on Boat in Gulf Of Mexico:

Divers, hampered for days by storms, wind, and high surf, continued to search the hull of the Seacor Power on Saturday, a day after they pulled two bodies from the wreckage amid dimming hopes that survivors might be found clinging to life in air pockets inside the capsized ship.

The Coast Guard has searched more than 6,300 square miles. Several other agencies are also involved, with multiple boats, helicopters and airplanes on scene.

Port Fourchon is Louisiana’s southernmost seaport and is a major base for the U.S. oil and gas industry.

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