Don’t tell me this is a lense flare… Because it’s a portal to a new dimension in Vermont’s sky


Those pictures were captured on May 3, 2021 over Sheldon, Franklin County, Vermont…

Mysterious ring in the sky appears in the sky over Vermont. Picture via Facebook

And it’s clearly not a lense flare…

This is clearly not a lense flare… Picture via Facebook

Nope, that’s a portal to a new dimension…

So could it be a portal to another dimension. Picture via Facebook

In the latest chapter in The End of the World As We Know It (2020-present), scientists have proposed the existence of a particle that can act as a portal to a fifth dimension.

And just a few months ago, the sci-fi hypothesis was published in a new study in The European Physical Journal C. It suggests that the particle can provide an explanation for dark matter, which has never been observed directly but is thought to account for most of the universe’s mass. Researchers say particles can travel across the whole universe, including to the fifth dimension.

The authors described the particle as “a possible new messenger to the dark sector.

So the fifth dimension is around us… And now portals invite us for a journey… Let’s go!

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  1. this is the Rainbow! ))
    the refraction of light coming from the lantern of the Sun, which, passing through the first (lunar) glass( crystal) sphere, creates this rainbow.
    We live inside a concave earth, isn’t it clear?

  2. I live in Vermont, and i’ve seen those clouds before.
    they arent’ too common, but they do appear.
    occam’s razor – pick the answer with the fewest and simplest explanation- it’s a mountain top affecting the weather above it.
    Ackam’s Baseball bat, – pick a workable answer that is fun – aliens..

  3. I’m not suggesting it maybe a magnetic anomaly in the atmosphere, after all it’s not like our magnetosphere is weakening at the mo?

  4. Hi Manuel,
    I’ve been looking at those rings. Do you really think it’s a portal? I would more than likely think it was the ccp messing with the weather. After all, they are boasting about it all the time. I’m still praying for a rainy season, especially above the 3 gorges dam. I know, what a terrible thought, but I really don’t want to die from their falling space garbage, their pollution, their Gates/Fauci vax, or see the world explode as soon as they start a war. Thanks for all the great weather news!
    All the best,

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